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Brand Style Guide

Your business style guide is the key to creating a strong brand identity. A style guide includes a brand's logo, color palette, typography, design elements, and marketing ideas. We create a brand book of how to use your business logo, colors, graphics, typography, and company messaging. Our branding experts design posts to your social media feed to highlight posts, tips, and calls to action. Great stories with stylish graphics and pictures catch audiences' attentions. Support your brand's unique identity with wcopilot brand style guide service. Implementing and maintaining your branding is crucial for your business.

Style Guide Service

  • We create a logo
  • Colour palette with a brand's primary and secondary colors
  • Brand fonts selection
  • Unique brand design elements
  • Creative graphics creation
  • Relevant images curation
  • Business card design
  • Brand book detailing use of your business logo, colors, graphics, typography, and messaging
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