GDPR Setup & Configuration

Wcopilot offers a complete service to achieve GDPR compliance under new EU Data protection regulation.

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Setup & Configuration

Not everyone can be a specialist in setting GDPR compliance on a website. But all websites should abide by the EU data protection and privacy law. Especially if you run an online business. The GDPR requires that explicit cookies consent must be provided by visitors of your website. Just letting the visitors know that your website uses cookies is no longer acceptable. To make sure your website is GDPR compliant, we properly setup your opt-out forms and we provide your website visitors with a pop-up notice on the privacy and terms and conditions consent. If you own an e-commerce website, we set up the storage of the clients' personal details for a reasonable period. We also think about third-party tracking software on your website.

GDPR setup and Configuration Service Includes

  • Opt-out forms configuration
  • Pop-up notice on the privacy and terms and conditions consent
  • Storing customers' personal details time period set up
  • Third party tracking software configuration
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