Google Analytics Setup Service

Our digital marketing team installs Google Analytics service for your website to allow you to get valuable reports on its performance

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Google Analytics Setup Service

Google Analytics is a wonderful free website analytics service offered by Google. It tracks and reports your website traffic. Google Analytics service is essential to measure and analyze your website’s performance and conversions. Google Analytics is a must-have digital marketing tool for any online website. Google Analytics is available for WordPress websites with a plugin, and also for Shopify. With Google Analytics reports you will know who your website visitors are, which sources drive the most visits, and which keywords. You can also see the leads that your ad campaigns generate and ROI. We provide professional Google Analytics configuration, fitting the needs of B2B companies.

Google Analytics Setup Service Includes

  • Google Analytics Setup and Configuration
  • Handbook of valuable advice on how to analyze Google Analytics reports
  • Google Analytics is a free service, no monthly cost

How does it work?

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