Website Optimization Service

By choosing Optimization services you gain in performance boosting conversion and taking care of your users in the right way.

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Optimization Service

Do not underestimate the security and speed of your website. When it comes to website loading, virtually every second counts. Optimization Service is the right choice to get your website to run fast and smoothly, increase security and enhance performance. Our WordPress experts take care of technical website optimization.

What does our professional website optimization service include?

  • Current performance analysis
  • Full site backup
  • Standard Page Speed Optimizations
  • We improve your page speed score. Google favors faster websites
  • Standard Security Improvements
  • You get higher website performance, and that leads to conversions
  • Analysis of the new performance
  • One‐on‐one email support for 1 week
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It’s always beneficial to hire highly-skilled professionals. With the help our web development and SEO experts you save lots of time.

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Speed & Security Analysis. Diagnosis of the issues and their root causes

Comprehensive analysis of your website status with site performance services that we check against our own experience. Once we have access to your site we work through an extensive checklist to uncover the underlying cause of your website's slow speed. There are usually one or two specific reasons why your site is running so slowly.

Site Speed and Security Improvements

Based on our own experience we'll use tried-and-tested custom plugins to improve your website’s loading speed by page caching settings for example, and optimizing your website’s images. With our expertise and the help of a few plugins, we’ll make sure your website is secured against external attacks and other potential vulnerabilities. Our work is visible! We'll analyze the results and compile a point by point of everything that we have done. The results will speak for themselves. You additionally have direct contact with us by means of e‐mail.