Website Optimization Service Plus

Premium services for your website to analyze, detect and grow. Website Optimisation Service Plus helps to increase store efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

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Optimization Service Plus

Our team of experts is ready to take care of your website optimization and to achieve great results. Let this perfect service help you speed up your page load. The customer's purchase experience is an important factor determining the purchase of product. If your website is slow, it will cause you to lose customers.

Website Optimization Service Plus includes

  • Speed & Security Analysis
  • Full site back‐up
  • Premium Speed Optimisations
  • Image Optimization
  • Premium Page Caching
  • Premium Security Improvements
  • Results analysis & support
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Speed & Security Analysis. Diagnosis of the issues and their root causes

Comprehensive analysis of your website status with site performances services checked against our own experience. Once we have access to your site we work through an extensive checklist to uncover the underlying cause of your website's slow speed. There are usually one or two specific reasons why your site is running so slowly. When making the upgrades we'll ensure all your site's records and the database are securely backed‐up. Nothing irritates individuals more than losing their valuable content, so you're protected with us.

Speed and Security Optimizations

Custom Image Optimization and Premium Page Caching are the innovative solutions offered by our team. They help improve page load time, save time for customers, and improve the user experience. This will help the store boost sales significantly. In fact, small websites are actually an easier target for hackers because most of them don’t take any safety precautions to protect the site from hackers. We offer premium customer services to look for potential problems, vulnerabilities, 0-day exploits, versions of old software and many more to keep you safe. Our work is visible! We'll analyze the results and compile a point by point report with everything we've done. The results will speak for themselves. You additionally have direct contact with us by means of e‐mail.

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