Briefly Legal is a legal consulting firm committed to delivering easily accessible and uncomplicated legal advice tailored to individuals and small businesses

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Client Overview

Briefly Legal is a legal consulting firm dedicated to providing accessible and straightforward legal advice to individuals and small businesses. With a commitment to simplifying legal processes, Briefly Legal sought to establish an online presence to effectively communicate its services and values to potential clients.

Project Objectives

  • Establish Online Presence: Develop a professional and informative website to showcase Briefly Legal's services and expertise.
  • Simplify Legal Information: Create a user-friendly platform that presents legal information in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Highlight Unique Selling Points: Emphasize Briefly Legal's commitment to accessibility and simplification of legal processes.
  • Encourage Engagement: Implement features that encourage visitor engagement and facilitate contact with Briefly Legal.


Understanding Client Needs:

Conducted extensive discussions with Briefly Legal to understand their brand identity, target audience, and business objectives.

Identified key features and functionalities required to effectively showcase Briefly Legal's services and values.

Visual Design and Branding:

Developed a clean and professional website design that reflects Briefly Legal's commitment to simplicity and accessibility.

Incorporated branding elements and color palette consistent with Briefly Legal's brand identity.

Content Development:

Crafted clear and concise content that simplifies legal information and communicates Briefly Legal's services in a straightforward manner.

Organized content into easily navigable sections to enhance user experience and facilitate information retrieval.

User-Friendly Interface:

Designed an intuitive user interface with clear navigation menus and organized layout to facilitate ease of use.

Implemented interactive features such as FAQ sections and contact forms to encourage visitor engagement and interaction.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Ensured the website is fully responsive and optimized for viewing across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Tested the website's performance on different devices and screen sizes to ensure seamless user experience.


Professional Online Presence:

The creation of the Briefly Legal website has established a professional online presence for the firm, enhancing its credibility and visibility.

Simplified Legal Information:

Clear and concise content presentation simplifies legal information, making it more accessible and understandable to visitors.

Highlighting Unique Values:

Emphasis on accessibility and simplification of legal processes effectively communicates Briefly Legal's unique selling points to potential clients.

Increased Engagement:

Interactive features and user-friendly interface encourage visitor engagement and facilitate contact with Briefly Legal, leading to increased inquiries and client interactions.

Working with the Wcopilot's team has been an absolute pleasure for our development projects. Their expertise and professionalism shine through in every interaction and deliverable.
Eric Lang
CEO Briefly


The creation of the Briefly Legal website has successfully achieved the project objectives by establishing a professional online presence, simplifying legal information, highlighting unique values, and encouraging visitor engagement. The website serves as an effective platform for Briefly Legal to communicate its services and values to potential clients, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.