Ink Lantern, a groundbreaking offering from CRANT company, aims to transform brand intelligence by utilizing proprietary technology.

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Client Overview

Ink Lantern is a pioneering product offered by CRANT company, aimed at revolutionizing brand intelligence. Founded with a vision to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making, Ink Lantern utilizes proprietary technology to analyze vast amounts of data related to a brand's online presence. By providing actionable insights, Ink Lantern enables businesses to optimize their digital marketing strategies, enhance their online reputation, and gain deeper insights into their target audience.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a fresh and modern website that effectively showcases Ink Lantern's innovative approach to brand intelligence.
  • Highlight the proprietary technology and unique features of Ink Lantern to emphasize its value proposition to potential clients.
  • Create a user-friendly platform that enables visitors to understand the benefits of using Ink Lantern for their business.
  • Reflect CRANT company's commitment to innovation and data-driven insights through the website design and content


Strategic Planning:

Conducted thorough discussions with CRANT company to understand their brand identity, target audience, and business objectives.

Defined clear goals and objectives to guide the website development process and ensure alignment with CRANT's vision for Ink Lantern.

Visual Design and Branding:

Designed a fresh and modern website with a clean and intuitive interface to reflect Ink Lantern's innovative approach to brand intelligence.

Incorporated CRANT's branding elements and color scheme to maintain consistency with the company's overall brand identity.

Content Development:

Crafted compelling messaging to effectively communicate the value proposition of Ink Lantern and its unique features.

Highlighted case studies and success stories to showcase the tangible benefits that businesses can achieve by using Ink Lantern.

Technology Integration:

Integrated interactive elements and visuals to demonstrate Ink Lantern's proprietary technology and data analysis capabilities.

Leveraged responsive design principles to ensure optimal viewing experience across various devices and screen sizes.


Effective Showcasing of Innovation:

The Ink Lantern website effectively showcases the product's innovative approach to brand intelligence, capturing visitors' attention and interest.

Highlighting Unique Features:

Clear messaging and visuals highlight the unique features of Ink Lantern, emphasizing its value proposition and differentiation in the market.

User-Friendly Experience:

Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface enable visitors to easily understand the benefits of using Ink Lantern for their business needs.

Reflecting Company Values:

The website design and content reflect CRANT company's commitment to innovation and data-driven insights, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the industry.

The wCopilot team demonstrated exceptional prowess in researching our brand and audience, resulting in a website that truly embodies our identity and message. With a focus on SEO and rapid loading times, they elevated visibility and user experience. The result? An engaging online platform seamlessly aligned with our vision
Michael Wilson
CEO Inklantern


The development of the Ink Lantern website has successfully achieved the project objectives by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases the product's innovative approach to brand intelligence. Through clear messaging and compelling visuals, the website highlights the unique features and benefits of using Ink Lantern, while also reflecting CRANT company's commitment to innovation and data-driven insights. Overall, the Ink Lantern website serves as a powerful marketing tool to attract potential clients and drive business growth for CRANT.