All Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Business (Part 2)

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All Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Business (Part 2)

This post is a second part of the series All Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Business. See Part 1 here

It's becoming harder than ever to advertise your business online - competitors are constantly producing new content and pour millions of dollars into Google Adwords. Having the knowledge of all the tactics are going to help you outperform your competitors, as you'll be able to employ rare but effective marketing technique unbeknown to others.

Here are 8 more digital marketing strategies and tactics for business in 2018:

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is powerful because it can establish your image as an expert, especially if you gain access to high authority blogs and media. Not only guest blogging helps increase SEO ratings, but it also helps you spread the word among your potential customers. Guest blogging isn't the easiest marketing tactic. It requires a substantial time commitment, but if you are confident in your skills and can provide deep insights into a niche topic, media outlets and other blogs will be delighted to publish your expert opinion. So guest blogging success comes down to two things: how selective you're in your choice of blog outlets - you need to choose authoritative publishers and sites, and how valuable your piece is. It might take a while before you come up with a groundbreaking thought-leadership piece plus getting to editors and blog owners might be tough, but if you manage to publish your post, you can greatly boost your brand image and send a surge of traffic to your site.

2. Online PR

Online PR is a tactic of sending out press releases to media outlets. There are two ways you can do online PR:

  • hire a professional. The professional PR person will work through their contact database to secure a publication.
  • use one of the online PR tools. Online PR tools such as PR Web automatically distribute your press releases for a one-time fee. You can also get a membership which will allow you to send multiple press-releases throughout a year. Be careful with online tools though, as they often send press releases to media outlets that aren't relevant to your business.

3. Review Sites

If you have a business in a particular field, it's highly likely that someone made a website that collects ratings of businesses or products in your industry. Review sites allow you to get listed and then collect reviews from your customers. There are many advantages to getting a listing on a review site: review sites give you backlinks, which affects your SEO ratings, and they show potential customers that current clients trust you with their business.

4. Forum Posting and Community Marketing

Another digital marketing technique is community building. This one is especially powerful if your product or field tends to gather crowds of devoted supporters. You can find communities that are related to your product and then support the community with your expert advice. Always remember that forum members do not withstand direct promotions. Be smart about it and only post valuable content or helpful advice. All kinds of sports tend to gather loyal community members, so if you're offering a product or service in sports, community building and forum posting should be your go-to digital marketing tactics.

5. LinkedIn Content Sharing

LinkedIn isn't necessarily a separate digital marketing technique - it falls under the umbrella of content marketing and social media, but many B2B businesses forget about LinkedIn in their content marketing efforts. LinkedIn is great for promoting your posts and establishing your reputation as a knowledgeable expert. While you might think that a blog is enough, people often chose social media as a tool they can use to follow the many resources they are interested in. No one likes to change between multiple browser tabs, so people go to LinkedIn that assembles the information for them.

6. Influencer Marketing

There are thousands of people who have a substantial following. You can leverage the power of social media and connect with influencers to assist you in the promotion of your product. Some influencers, who are just starting, will do it for free, while others will charge you a fee. Don't discard influencers with smaller following - these guys tend to enjoy a higher level of trust from the audience. If you can't afford exorbitant fees that more influential people charge, connect with multiple less influential people and you'll get the same result for a lower cost.

7. Youtube Channel

Finally, if you see yourself as an influencer, start a Youtube channel. Many people think that Youtube is only for lifestyle and fashion brands, but in fact, even B2B brands can benefit from it. People increasingly prefer watching educational videos to reading written texts. So if you can share your insights on Youtube - more bonus points to you for helping customers learn and grow. Educational doesn't mean boring and straight to the point. With Youtube videos, people prefer interaction, connection, and sharing. Be human in all your videos even when you're delivering a speech on quantum mechanics, and show your true personality. That way you will not only connect with people on the level of valuable content but also on a personal level.

8. Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of going after the visitors who already visited your site once. Remarketing builds brand awareness and captures interest at the point when the customer is interested but still in doubt. Remarketing can be done in many different ways: through Google Adwords or Facebook ads, through email campaigns or Youtube display ads. When the visitors go to your site, the browser will place a cookie on their computer. As soon as the visitor leaves, a powerful algorithm takes place that puts the ads in front of the visitor wherever they go. Remarketing plays on human psychology. People prefer familiar things to new experiences. When you place your brand in front of the visitor multiple times, your brand ends up being ingrained in the visitor's memory. Next time the visitor searches for a product like yours, they will pick your brand based on familiarity.

Final Word

Digital Marketing is evolving. Every day new techniques and tactics pop by, and old strategies become something entirely new. But one thing always stays the same - strategy. No matter how many digital marketing tactics get invented, it always comes down to knowing your audience, understanding your USP and defining your goals and marketing budget. After you establish these four crucial parts, you can look at your goals and determine which tactics will be more effective considering the environment your business is in.

Hopefully, now you have a general idea of all the digital marketing tactics available for business, and with the strategic approach outlined above, you can choose techniques that will bring success to your business.

This post is a second part of the series All Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Business. See Part 1 here


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