Editor X vs Webflow: Which Is Better? [Honest Opinion]

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Editor X vs Webflow: Which Is Better? [Honest Opinion]

Which is better, Webflow or Editor X? Selecting the best website builder between Editor X vs Webflow can be challenging. We will compare their features to help you make a selection.  

Whether you're creating an eCommerce site, a blog, or a content-driven site, the website builders have the design features to help you grow your online presence.

With a drag & drop, you can create a website on a blank canvas or use templates. But is Editor X any good for websites? Do professional web designers use Webflow?

We'll have a detailed review of Editor X vs Webflow to help you decide whether Editor X vs Webflow is the best for your website.

Let's get started. 

What is Editor X?

Editor X
Source: Editor X

Editor X was launched in February 2020 and is part of Wix.com. The no-code site builder has advanced design and layout features.

It has a sophisticated web infrastructure and uses CSS to create responsive websites for your customers and personal projects. 

Editor X allows you to add custom code. You can create complex websites on a blank canvas without coding. You can also use templates instead of creating a design from scratch. 

Are you nervous about using Editor X? That shouldn't stress you out. Editor X has Academy X, a learning platform for anyone looking for information about the platform. 

Academy X has learning resources and is self-paced. For design inspiration, you can check the Editor X showroom.

Web developers can also submit their designs to the showroom to inspire other designers. You can also hire an Editor X specialist to create your website. 

What is Webflow?

Source: Webflow

Webflow was founded in 2013. It is a website builder, a hosting platform, and a CMS.

Webflow allows you to create a site for free. You can select free or premium pricing from the Webflow plans. The website builder lets you build responsive sites using templates or on a blank canvas. 

Since Webflow is not easy to use, you can enroll in the courses on Webflow university to help you get started with the platform. Do you need help generating creative designs for your projects?

Webflow showcase has multiple designs to inspire other creatives from the Webflow community. The platform also has cloneable sites, which you can edit on the Webflow dashboard.

Webflow is for anyone, including marketers, content strategists, and editors. If you need help with your designs, you can hire Webflow experts.

Which is Better Webflow VS Editor X?

Now that you know the Editor X vs Webflow definitions, we can compare the features of the website builders. Since they are both code-free, which one is easier to use?

The two website builders have different features that make them stand out. Do you want to find out more?

Let's get to it.

Ease of Use

Editor X is best for designers and agencies. On the other hand, Webflow is for anyone, but it is not beginner-friendly. 

The Webflow dashboard is not easy to use, especially for a beginner. If you're a professional web developer, you can use Webflow since it has the design features to create any site. Therefore, Editor X is easier to use than Webflow.

Webflow and Editor X have a drag & drop design feature to create and customize your designs. With the blank canvas, you can define the position and behavior of the site elements. 

Design Capabilities


Webflow has semantic and clean code. The website builder has multiple design features to create simple to complex projects. 

It has a flexbox to build flexible and responsive layouts with CSS3 boxes. With Webflow, you can add custom code to a specific page, an entire page, or an exact part of a page. 

The platform has thousands of font families, design animation capabilities, reusable symbols, responsive images, and global swatches. 

The responsive website builder gives you control to create any design and allows you access to multiple CSS styling properties. 

Editor X

With Editor X, web developers can create responsive designs to display on various screens. It has a CSS grid to position elements within a two-dimensional framework of rows and columns. 

The code-free builder allows you to add custom code and connect to external APIs to design complex projects. 

Editor X has a masters feature that lets you save and reuse sections, headers, and footers on multiple pages. You can upload custom fonts, create and manage custom menus, and more. 

Webflow and Editor X have design features that help you create unique designs. However, Webflow has better animation and interaction features compared to Editor X. 


So, do you want to invite your team to work on a project together, gather feedback, and deliver results faster? A website builder that lets you collaborate with your team is what you need. 

Editor X

Editor X allows real-time collaboration with your team. You can monitor what your members are working on, work together and track changes. 

Communicating with your team is essential, especially if you're working on a similar project. Collaboration on Editor X is seamless since you can leave notes, tag team members, and filter relevant comments.

Editor X allows you to set up a team account, assign roles, and enable specific actions for the members or clients. 


To collaborate with other people on Webflow, you need a workspace plan. The pricing plan lets you collaborate with a team.

However, you will have to pay more if you have more people to add to your team. A free workspace plan allows you a maximum of one seat, while the premium plans allow you a maximum of 3 and 9 seats. That is for the core and growth plans, respectively. 

Editor X is a cheaper website builder when collaborating with a team. It has the features you need to work with a team without upgrading from one plan to another. 


A content management system (CMS) lets you manage the digital content on your site.

Editor X

You do not need to be a professional web developer to use the Editor X CMS. It is code-free and manages all types of content. 

With the CMS, clients can assign different roles to editors to manage site content. For instance, you can let the SEO specialists optimize content without making changes to the site. 

The CMS allows you to build a database of content, which is stored, managed, and updated separately from the site. Editor X CMS keeps your content safe with automatic backup. 

With the CMS, you can create content collections. A collection can have all types of content, from images, videos, links, rich content, etc. 

After creating the content collection, you can connect it to any design and filter it to make it easy for clients to find what they want on your site. 


The Webflow CMS lets you create content structures and add content from a CSV, by hand, or through an API. The CMS works for designers, editors, and developers.

The CMS does not require a database or coding. Content editors can create and add content and publish it on the CMS. You can also invite clients and members to edit and add content. 

Content strategists can use the CMS to create structured content with custom fields. It is easy to define content structures and build relationships for the types of content. 


It is free to create a site on Webflow and Editor. However, you need to select a pricing plan to launch your site. So, which is cheaper, Editor X vs Webflow 2022? 

Editor X

Editor X Premium Plans
Source: Editor X

Editor X has premium pricing and enterprise pricing. The premium pricing has a 14-day trial period.

The premium plan has website plans and eCommerce plans. Each has 3 paid plans, so you can pick one that meets your site needs. The website plan is best for personal projects, portfolios, and blogs.

The eCommerce plan has a scale plan, boost, and launch plan. If your site allows online payments, you should consider using the eCommerce plan. 

With enterprise pricing, Editor X tailors a custom plan for each user. You have personalized business support, collaboration tools, and design features.

The enterprise solution provides users with tailored solutions. You will have access to personalized business support, scalable hosting, professional integrations, enterprise-grade security, and more.    


Webflow pricing
Source: Webflow

Webflow pricing plans are workspace and site plans. You can bill a plan yearly or monthly. With the workspace plan, you can collaborate with a team or agencies.

For an online retailer looking to create a site on Webflow, the site plan has an eCommerce plan. It starts at $29 per month, billed yearly. 

Depending on your site needs, you can start with a free starter plan for the site plan or select from the paid plans - basic, CMS, and business plans. 

The workspace plan has a core and growth plan. Both the workspace plan and site plan have a free starter plan. You can use it to explore Webflow and only upgrade when you need more features, like a custom domain, add content editors and seats, etc.  

Webflow has an enterprise plan. It has more advanced features than the premium plans. It is for an organization that needs enterprise-level security, scalability, and support. 


You can run an online store on Editor X vs Webflow. So, between Editor X vs Webflow, which one is better for your eCommerce website?

Editor X

How do you increase the customer experience for customers visiting your eCommerce store? You need a responsive site that is easy to navigate, make payments, add products to a cart, and checkout.

As a web developer, you can create an eCommerce site from scratch or use a template. Editor X has eCommerce features to help you set up a store.

You can build an online store with multiple payment options, competitive shipping rates, custom tax groups, and a quick checkout. 

There are other eCommerce features to explore. You can add a members area for users to sign up to access content on your site, add live chat, set up bookings, create a blog, and allow site translation to over 180 languages.

Editor X eCommerce pricing plans are scale, boost, and launch. The plans have different features, so you can pick one that works for your store. 


With Webflow, you can create the best eCommerce experience for your clients. You can pick an eCommerce template or look for design inspiration from the Webflow showcase.

Webflow eCommerce has features to help you design, sell, and grow products online. With an eCommerce site, you can feature product details and create a cart and checkout experience that matches your store.

Webflow gives you total control over your eCommerce site without writing a single line of code. In addition, you can grow your online store by marketing your products, creating a blog, automating on-page SEO, running campaigns, and more. 

SEO & Marketing

SEO helps to boost your site's traffic. Before you switch from Editor X to Webflow, a site builder should enable you to optimize, market, and check your site's performance.

Editor X

With Editor X, you can measure your site performance by connecting it to marketing integration tools like Google Analytics, HotJar, and Facebook Pixel.  

SEO lets you maximize your site visibility on search engines. The website builder has SEO tools to optimize your site. You can optimize meta tags, manage 301 redirects, define canonical tags, create XML sitemaps, add schema markups, and more.

Each Editor X site has a personalized SEO plan to ensure that your site ranks on Google. In addition to marketing, the web creation platform has a video maker to create professional videos for marketing. You can also create social posts and share them on social media.  


Webflow has built-in SEO tools. You can add schema markup, define your meta tags, edit your sitemaps, manage the 301 redirects, add image alt tags, etc.

Since Webflow has a clean code, it is easy for search engine bots to parse. The Webflow editor allows you or your team to manage and edit the SEO settings without using an SEO plugin. 

Webflow has Open Graph, which is easy to set up and edit tags. From the Open Graph settings, you can edit the description, title, and image for sharing on social media.

Open Graph helps to improve the performance of your content on social media. Webflow auto-generates the XML sitemaps for you, but you can also create custom sitemaps.

Both Webflow and Editor X have the SEO tools to help you optimize your sites and increase engagement online. 

Editor X VS Webflow Templates

Editor X

To design a website, you can use templates or a blank canvas. The templates are customizable. To choose a template from Editor X, you can click on view or edit to use the template. 

Editor X templates are responsive. They are optimized for mobile and desktop views. That means that users can use any device to access your site.


The CMS has premium and free templates. In addition, you have multiple categories to select from, so whether you're designing your portfolio website, an eCommerce website, or a blog, you can pick a specific template.

Webflow templates are easy to customize. With the drag & drop feature, you can edit the template content to match your brand. The templates are code-free, so you do not have to worry about coding skills. 

Between Editor X vs Webflow, Webflow has more templates than Editor X. You have multiple templates to select from, responsive and customizable. 

Editor X VS Webflow Support

Another top consideration when switching from Editor X to Webflow is the support. How will you reach out to the support team for assistance?

Editor X

Since Editor X is part of Wix, you will access support through Wix. You can click on feature requests, known issues, or articles to get a solution.  


Webflow has multiple ways to offer support. You can email the support team, which is available from Monday through Friday.

Also, users can join the Webflow forum to get assistance from Webflow users. The Webflow help center also has hundreds of video tutorials and documentation, making it easier for users to get solutions to common problems. 

Webflow has a better solution than Editor X. You can send your requests via email for a personalized solution or through the Webflow forums.

Editor X VS Webflow Hosting and Domain

To use Webflow or Editor X, you only need to create an account. Can you host your site on Webflow and Editor X?

Editor X

Editor X allows you to search, buy, and register a domain. You can also host your site on the servers and get an SSL certificate. 

The web creation platform has automatic updates, so your site is always secure. Editor X gives you a free domain voucher for one year for multi-year or yearly premium plans.


Webflow hosting and domain
Source: Webflow

With the Webflow premium pricing, you can use your custom domain. You can also buy one from Webflow through Google domains GoDaddy.

Webflow provides users with free SSL. Hosting your site with Webflow enables you to manage changes with a click. Other features of Webflow hosting are - zero maintenance, SEO management, integrations, password protection, and more. 

You can also compare the hosting pricing between Webflow, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Flywheel, and WPengine. Webflow hosting has more features than Editor X.

Design Inspiration

A bonus point for the Editor X review is the design inspiration. Do you want a modern website, but you do not have an idea of how to go about your design?

Editor X has a showroom, while Webflow has made in Webflow. Developers share their designs with other creatives for inspiration and design ideas. 

Webflow showcase has designs that you can copy and edit. You can copy the cloneable designs and edit them on the Webflow dashboard. 

Webflow and Editor X also have resources to help you get started. If you're a beginner on Editor X, you can join Academy X and Webflow University for Webflow. 

So, should you consider switching your site from Editor X to Webflow? The no-code builders have features that let you create from simple to complex projects.  

Is Editor X Any Good?

There are multiple CMSs you can use to create your responsive website. You can select from Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, to name but a few.

Editor X is a good website builder for creating your website. It has templates to build your site, especially for beginners, and a blank canvas for expert designers. 

For a site to have a higher click-through rate, it should be easy to navigate, responsive, and optimized for SEO. It should be easy for users to find what they are looking for within a few clicks. 

With Editor X, you can transition from a simple idea to a creative design within minutes. The web creation platform is for advanced designers and web professionals. 

It combines built-in coding capabilities, approachable CSS, and integrated business solutions to enable you to design the site you want. You can buy a domain and host your site on Editor X.

Does Editor X Have a CMS?

A CMS enables users to manage web content. You can create, edit, and publish content without writing it from scratch. From the definition, you do not need coding skills to use a CMS. 

Since Editor X has a CMS, you can manage your site's content. It gives you total control, making it easy to collaborate with a team and assign roles. 

Editor X VS WordPress

WordPress is an open-source CMS that was started in 2003. It is built on MySQL and PHP. It has thousands of themes, widgets, and plugins, so you do not have to worry about creating your design from scratch.

On the other hand, Editor X has templates and a blank canvas and templates. You can host your site on Editor X, but with WordPress, you need an external hosting provider.

When it comes to ease of use, WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS. You do not have to edit code unless you're an expert developer. Hence it is referred to as open-source. 

After installing the WordPress CMS, you need a theme for your site. The WordPress themes are free, but you can also get premium ones on Themeforest.

The CMS allows you to build a custom site with premium and free plugins. For instance, if you want to resize images, you have plugins to help you with resizing.

WordPress does not have built-in SEO tools. You have to install the Yoast plugin to optimize your site. With the Editor X CMS and WordPress, you can manage your content, add members and assign them roles. 

Editor X VS Elementor

Source: Elementor

You can use the elementor website builder as a WordPress plugin to design and edit your website content. It has a drag & drop editor to position elements during web development.

You can also create a site from Elementor as a cloud website builder. It has hundreds of widgets and pre-designed designs with the Hello theme.

You can also create your designs from scratch or edit the pre-designs on the drag & drop editor. 

Like Editor X, you can build any website with Elementor. Create landing pages, eCommerce sites, blogs, portfolios, and creative sites with the website builder.

Which is better for hosting, Editor X vs Elementor? Both Elementor and Webflow provide hosting. Hosting on Elementor is powered by the Google Cloud platform. 

The benefit of hosting with Elementor is that you have the maximum speed for your site, reliability, and security.  

Elementor has three pricing plans. It has pricing for the cloud website builder, page builder plugin, and strattic pricing plan for static websites.

To use elementor as a page builder, use the pricing plan for the cloud website builder. However, to install the elementor plugin on your WordPress site, choose a pricing plan for the page builder plugin. 

Which is Better Editor X or Wix?

For a developer torn between Editor X vs Wix, here's what you should know about website builders. Wix has thousands of built-in design capabilities to help you design the site you want.

You can create a custom logo and use the drag & drop feature to design your site. Wix multi-cloud hosting ensures that your site remains online even with traffic spikes. 

Like Editor X, Wix has SEO capabilities to optimize your site. You can create any website with Wix and promote your business to reach the intended audience. 

With the Wix owner app, you do not have to carry your desktop device to access your site. A difference between Editor X vs Wix is the templates.

Wix has hundreds of more customizable templates than Editor X. However, Wix is best for beginners compared to Editor X, which is suitable for advanced developers. 

Editor X vs Wix support gives Wix an upper hand. Wix provides 24/7 customer support to their users. On the other hand, Editor X has articles. 

Editor X VS Figma

Source: Figma

Figma is an all-in-one design platform. Since Figma is a prototyping platform, it has features to create designs and collaborate with a team.

The cloud-based software has an auto-save feature, so you do not have to stress about losing your projects. You can share files using a live link instead of exporting PDFs.

Since it is cloud-based, it is easier to access your files anywhere. The difference between Editor X vs Figma is that Editor X is a web creation platform, while Figma is a prototyping platform. 

Editor X VS Webflow - Which is a Better Website Builder?

Webflow is a CMS and a hosting platform. However, Editor X is a web creation platform. It has a CMS with an intuitive interface. 

Editor X is best for advanced developers and agencies, while Webflow is for beginners and experts. 

Editor X vs Webflow have a free plan but with limited features. The Webflow pricing plan can be expensive compared to the Editor X pricing.

Editor X Webflow provides hosting and have built-in SEO tools. Webflow has multiple templates than Editor X. You can create your site on a blank canvas or use templates. 

From the Editor X review, is Webflow or Editor X better for a website builder? Both are code-free and best for creating websites. Webflow is a CMS, while Editor X has a CMS. 

To select one over the other, compare their features and your website goals to determine which one is best for your site.


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