Best Free Webflow Templates & Themes 2023 (Updated)

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Best Free Webflow Templates & Themes 2023 (Updated)

What impression do you want your audience to have about your business? With the Webflow free templates, you can design a stunning website without writing lines of code.

Webflow is a CMS, hosting platform, and website builder. The Webflow templates are customizable. In fact, you do not need to learn how to code. 

So, what if you want a custom website? That shouldn't stress you. Webflow lets you customize the templates, including the slightest details. 

Do you want to know the best free Webflow templates for your blog, restaurant, fitness, portfolio, business, or technology website? 

We got you sorted. We'll help you select the best free templates for your Webflow website. So are you ready to grow your online presence through web development?

Let's dive in.

Are There Templates For Webflow?

Have you used the Webflow CMS before? If it is your first time using the no-code website builder, it has thousands of templates. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional web developer, the templates help to actualize your idea into a creative design. The website templates are free, while there are also premium templates. 

In addition to the Webflow templates, you can get design inspirations from the Webflow showcase. You get to explore the various designs from Webflow designers. They are also cloneable. You can copy a design and customize it for your brand. 

Can You Make a Free Website With Webflow?

Designing a website doesn't have to cost you a fortune. In fact, Webflow makes it easier to create a stunning website for free and only pay when you need advanced features. Here's how you go about it. 

Webflow pricing has a free starter plan. But if you need access to advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium plans. To create a website, you need a Webflow account.

After setting up your account, give your site a name, then set it to private. That is to allow you to customize the site. Next, you need a template, which you'll later customize for your business. Webflow university has courses and lessons to help you learn about the platform. 

How Can I Get Free Webflow Templates?

Webflow saves you time instead of creating a design from scratch. It also saves you money with the free website templates. 

So, how do you select a template from the multiple free Webflow templates? Here's a simple guide:

Set a Website Goal

Do you want to sell products online? Are you creating a portfolio website to market your brand or agency? 

Your website goals should guide you in choosing a template. So, why should you consider using the free Webflow templates? They are customizable, responsive, and optimized for SEO

Type of Business

Are you in the corporate, fashion, retail, restaurant, portfolio, or personal business? Why do you need a website? 

You will need a Webflow template with eCommerce functionalities to sell products online. You can also select membership templates for users to log in to your website to access private information. 

Ease of Use

Another factor you should consider when selecting a template is ease of use. The best Webflow templates should be easy to customize. A template should be customizable with a few clicks. 

Template Features 

The free Webflow templates have different features. Does your website need to fulfill specific functionalities? Can you design an eCommerce website with free templates?

If you're creating a membership website, what features do you need? The template features help you decide if a template meets all your design needs.  

Design Inspiration From the Free Webflow Templates

Have you clicked on a website, and you're impressed with the design? You can check the template design by clicking on the preview button.

Lviv 128 event website template
Source: Lviv 128

The templates can be a source of design inspiration or from a Webflow showcase. You can have a stunning website by customizing the templates on Webflow CMS.

Best Free Webflow Templates

How can I get free Webflow templates? Selecting a Webflow template from thousands of templates is not easy. It is overwhelming and time-consuming. 

But we've got you sorted. Instead of searching for free Webflow templates Reddit, you can pick a template from our guide. 

So, let's get started.

Metric - Business Website Template

Metric - Business Website Template
Source: Metric

The Metric Webflow template is retina-ready. The graphics are optimized to look beautiful and crisp on various devices. The business template has responsive navigation. The template is customizable to create a unique design for your brand.

Grit - Fashion Website Template

Grit fashion website
Source: Grit

The free Webflow themes are responsive. A fashion website should display your creative designs on all devices. The Grit fashion template helps showcase your brand to your clients. It is CMS-ready and easy to customize. The home page has 3 designs, while the contact page and about page have 2 design layouts. 

Luma - Retail Website Template

Luma retail website
Source: Luma

To use a Webflow template, you have to create a new project. You cannot use it on an existing project. Luma retail template draws attention to your products. It is 100% customizable, from the fonts, colors, and styles. The home, about, and contact pages each have 2 design layouts. You can pick one that best markets your brand. 

TileDesign - Portfolio Website Template

TileDesign portfolio website template
Source: TileDesign

Do you want to showcase your previous projects to potential clients? The TileDesign free Webflow portfolio template is for creative professionals. It has portfolio pages and a ready-to-go blog. The template also features a fully dynamic home page, which changes with every new project or post you publish. 

Business Starter - Business Website Template

Business Starter website template
Source: Business Starter

The free Webflow templates save you time instead of creating your design on a blank canvas.Your website should have a modern design and be easy to use. The Business Starter template lets you create a unique website for your brand. Since the template is customizable, you can create an attractive website that sets you apart from other businesses within your niche. 

Newport - Photography Website Template

Newport Photography Website Template
Source: Newport

Newport is a free Webflow template for a personal blog or gallery. The responsive template uses Google fonts. It is customizable and optimized for desktops, mobile, and tablet devices. The template has a responsive navigation that collapses automatically for smaller devices and a mobile-friendly menu. 

Incredible - Multipurpose Website Template

Incredible - Multipurpose Website Template
Source: Incredible

If you need a responsive website for your creative business or agency, you can use a multi-purpose template from Webflow. The template is 100% customizable, and it has reusable elements.

Writeology X - Blog Website Template

Writeology X Blog Website Template
Source: Writeology X

Do you need a membership website to monetize your content? Writeology X is a free Webflow template with membership functionalities for a Webflow site. You can sell paid subscriptions to allow users access to premium content. It is optimized for speed, is up-to-date, and includes a Figma file. 

The blog template is built using Webflow membership and Webflow CMS. The Writeology X template has a unique and premium design. It also has seamless animations. 

Space - App Website Template

Source: Space

If you have an app and would like to attract more clients, you can create a website for marketing. Space is a free Webflow template that helps you collect emails and launch your app. The template is responsive, retina ready, uses web fonts, and incorporates forms. 

Evermore - Blog Website Template

Evermore Blog Website Template
Source: Evermore

Evermore is a responsive Webflow template for a blog. You can customize the template's layout with the Webflow designer or add new blog posts from the Webflow editor.

Minimal - Agency Website Template

Minimal - Agency Website Template
Source: Minimal

To create a website for your agency, you can use a Webflow template. Minimal is a website template for an agency. The template is customizable to fit your brand style. It has the features you need for an agency website, like a testimonial page and a contact form to build an email list. 

Gallio - Corporate Website Template

Gallio corporate website template
Source: Gallio

Gallio is a corporate website template. You can use it to showcase web applications or products. The Webflow template has 3 different sections with various layouts to display corporate content with style. It features responsive designs, uses Google's web fonts, and is retina-ready.

Method - Band Website Template

Method band website template
Source: Method

Method is a Webflow template for a band. You can use it to create a website that displays your gallery, album/songs, and tour date. You can add content or customize the built-in database on the Webflow CMS.

Pixly - Coming Soon Website Template

Pixly - Coming Soon Website Template
Source: Pixly

Pixly is a Webflow template with the features you need to collect emails and market your apps. It has a colorful top bar and green accent sections. The template has a stylish and responsive launch page to notify your audience that you're yet to launch your website. You can use forms to build your subscriber base. 

Startup - Startup Website Template

Startup - Startup Website Template
Source: Startup

With Webflow, you do not need coding skills to create responsive designs. The free templates are responsive and customizable. The startup Webflow template has multiple subpage variations and 4 homepage variations. The HTML 5 template has a CMS-driven blog. 

With the reusable features, you can rearrange the various sections and elements to style them as you want. The subpages with variations are - the about page, blog, pricing, contact page, sign up, and features page. 

You can also have a background video on your website. The template features a responsive slider, media lightbox, CMS, responsive navigation, and interactions. 

Memberbase - Learning Website Template

Memberbase - Learning Website Template
Source: Memberbase

The memberbase template has membership functionality. It is best for anyone who wants users to sign-up or log in to access information. You can use the template's images for commercial or personal projects. The template is customizable and has utility pages, which include the password and error 404 page. It has admin pages and membership pages. 

HireUP - Small Business Website Template

HireUP Small Business Template
Source: HireUp

The website template has membership functionality integrated into it. It's suited for job application boards. Users can easily log into the website, publish a job advertisement or apply for job vacancies. The template has a 404 page, a membership page, a utility page, forms, web fonts, responsive navigation, and more. 

Chomp - Restaurant Website Template

Chomp Restaurant Website Template
Source: Chomp

Do you need a website for your restaurant? Chomp free Webflow template is best for businesses that sell products online. Since the template is tailored for businesses within the food industry, you can customize it for your restaurant to provide the best eCommerce experience for your ideal clients. 

The Chomp template has different pages, including checkout, order, password, products, license, and style guide. 

Fitnesso - Fitness Website Template

Fitnesso - Fitness Website Template
Source: Fitnesso

For a fitness coach, you can create your website on Webflow using the free Fitnesso template. You can schedule calls, sell premium packages online, and collect emails. The template is customizable within a few clicks and allows custom interactions. With the intuitive CMS editor, you can add and edit the content on your fitness website. 

CoffeeStyle - Coffee Shop Website Template

CoffeeStyle - Coffee Shop Website Template
Source: CoffeeStyle

The coffeeStyle Webflow template has an eCommerce feature to help you offer quality services to your clients. It's fully customizable from the product page to the checkout page. The Webflow template has a built-in blog. It has the features of an eCommerce website. 

Biznus - Retail Website Template

Biznus - Retail Website Template
Source: Biznus

Is your business medium-sized or a small retail store? You can use free Webflow templates to create a functional website with eCommerce features. Biznus is a retail website template. You can create an online store for your business and add delivery options. It features an alert bar that is easily manageable from the CMS.

You can, therefore, have an announcement bar at the top of every page. The template has a contact form, a donations page, and a style guide. 

Fre - Fashion Website Template

Fre - Fashion Website Template
Source: Fre

So, how do you market your fashion store to potential clients? First, you need a website to showcase your products. With the free Webflow templates, that should be easy. Fre is a free eCommerce Webflow template. You can customize it with your brand colors, fonts, images, content, etc.

It has usage rights to allow users to use the assets for free. The template has various features, including browser compatibility, clean code, a contact form, product page, and it is fully responsive. 

Donerun - Mobile Website Template

Donerun - Mobile Website Template
Source: Donerun

It should be easy to collect emails from your website. Donerun is a responsive page template for Webflow websites. It has a blue-hued theme and is best for launching mobile apps. The template lets you create a responsive page and collect emails. The template is retina-ready, has a responsive design, and it uses web fonts.

Mariela - Retail Website Template

Mariela - Retail Website Template
Source: Mariela

Webflow gives you a variety of templates to select from for your projects. Mariela is a free retail website template with eCommerce functionality. It is responsive and gives you template updates for free. It has a rights usage page that allows users to use the images for their projects. 

The free template integrates with contact forms, allows you to add page interactions, has multi-section designs, and uses global font colors. Some of the pages from the template are - the 404 page, password page, categories page, order confirmation, checkout, and licensing page. 

Blurr - Coming Soon Website Template

Blurr - Coming Soon Website Template
Source: Blurr

So, do you want your web visitors to know about the new website you're yet to launch? Use the free coming soon Webflow template to alert your audience about the website. Blurr is a responsive page template with a blurred background. You can add a contact form to gather emails from your website. 

Velocity - Multipurpose Website Template

Velocity Multipurpose Website Template
Source: Velocity

Is your website retail, eCommerce, or blog? Using a multi-purpose Webflow template saves you time instead of searching through multiple templates.

Velocity is a multi-purpose Webflow template you can use for your project. It has the latest Webflow interactions, a clean design, and is responsive. It also has reusable elements, responsive navigations, contact forms and uses Google web fonts. 

Stone - Portfolio Website Template

Stone - Portfolio Website Template
Source: Blurr

Are you looking for a free Webflow templates portfolio for your personal projects, agency, or products? You can use the Stone template, which has a dark and balanced layout. The template features a stone-colored style for your professional design.

Proof - Blog Website Template

Proof - Blog Website Template
Source: Proof

With a blog, you can publish content to offer insights to the readers. Proof is a responsive template with a modern Webflow theme for a blog. It has a sidebar on the left, scrollable content on the right side, and beautiful pages for blog posts.

Smith - Portfolio Website Template

Smith - Portfolio Website Template
Source: Smith

The template has a responsive slider to showcase your portfolio in a stunning design. You can build a leads list with the template's contact form.

Tokyo - Blog Website Template

Tokyo - Blog Website Template
Source: Tokyo

A blog should be accessible on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Tokyo is a responsive blog template that helps you achieve your blog goals. You can customize the built-in database, add new content, reuse elements, and embed forms.

Momentum - Business Website Template

Momentum - Business Website Template
Source: Momentum

The Webflow template makes it easy to showcase products in a bold layout. You can add animations to your landing page, use global swatches, and customize your design for your business. You can change the element styles from the style guide. The template also has utility pages, which include the password page and 404 page. 

Uncommon - Portfolio Website Template

Uncommon - Portfolio Website Template
Source: Uncommon

For a creative, the best way to showcase your work is through a website. You can use Webflow, as it has multiple free website templates. Webflow's Uncommon template saves you time instead of creating a design from scratch. It is modern, fully dynamic, and responsive. 

Since the portfolio template has global swatches, you can change the theme color, add animations, and use the Webflow CMS to add content. 

Propel - Business Website Template

Propel - Business Website Template
Source: Propel

Are you looking for free website templates for business? Propel is a versatile business template. You can add dynamic content from the Webflow CMS. The template is 100% customizable, includes utility pages, is designed with global swatches, and comes with customizable forms.

Milton - Blog Website Template

Milton - Blog Website Template
Source: Milton

The benefit of using free Webflow templates is that they are customizable. You can use the Webflow editor to change the template layout. Use the Webflow editor to manage the content of the blog. Milton is a responsive blog template. You can add posts and edit the layout of the template. 

ToyStore - Retail Website Template

Toystore - Retail Website Template
Source: ToyStore

To design an eCommerce website, you need a template with eCommerce features. The ToyStore eCommerce template has bright colors.

From the Webflow CMS, you can edit products, blog posts, and categories. It comes with customizable subscription and contact forms. 

Pompeo - Retail Website Template

Pompeo - Retail Website Template
Source: Pompeo

The Webflow template is for pottery workshops, ceramic stores, pottery classes, and pottery supplies shops & events.The Pompeo eCommerce template is simple and unique. It is browser compatible, responsive, and has a customizable contact form. 

It has a clean homepage layout, a customizable eCommerce feature, and a range of design styles. Check the usage rights page for instructions on how to use the template images. 

Moon - Blog Website Template

Moon - Blog Website Template
Source: Moon

Webflow templates are customizable. You can customize the Moon template from the Webflow editor and the design from the Webflow designer.  

Denali - Blog Website Template

Denali - Blog Website Template
Source: Denali

Creating a blog on Webflow is fast and easy. Using a template saves you time as you only need to customize the pages. Denali is a responsive blog template for creating attention-grabbing blogs.

Notable - Blog Website Template

Notable - Blog Website Template
Source: Notable

You can create a unique blog for your business with a Webflow blog template. Notable is a template that lets you create a beautiful balance of content and images in a grid of stories.

Starter - Multipurpose Website Template

Starter - Multipurpose Website Template
Source: Starter

With a Webflow template, you can design your site within a few seconds. The Starter template has a responsive design and navigation. It comes with a guide to take you through the template basics and how to edit content.

Lamar - Blog Website Template

Lamar - Blog Website Template
Source: Lamar

With the free Webflow templates, it should be easy to create a blog. Lamar is one of the responsive blog templates. You can use it to create and customize a blog for your business.

Portfolio Starter - Portfolio Website Template

Portfolio Starter - Portfolio Website Template
Source: Portfolio

You can use the free Webflow templates portfolio to showcase your projects and attract clients. Webflow helps you stand out from other creatives with the portfolio starter template.

The responsive template layout is customizable. You can create a unique portfolio that sets you apart from other creatives. 

Florence - Personal Website Template

Florence - Personal Website Template
Source: Florence

Do you need a personal website to market your services or products? The free Webflow templates make it easier to create and customize designs. Florence is a website template tailored for your personal projects or blog. It has a unique structure with subtle green hues and an offset column. 

Magnetic - Coming Soon Website Template

Magnetic - Coming Soon Website Template
Source: Magnetic

If you want to redesign your website, you can add a coming soon page instead of pulling down the website. You can use the free Webflow templates. Magnetic is a Webflow template with a dark style that is easily noticeable. You can use it to create awareness for your soon-to-launch website. 

Versus - Portfolio Website Template

Versus - Portfolio Website Template
Source: Versus

With the free Webflow templates portfolio, you can create a unique website to display your projects. Versus is a responsive, clean, and professional portfolio template.

You can show the services you offer and the completed projects. The template lets you embed forms to build your subscriber list. 

Why Should You Consider Using Free Webflow Templates 

Free Webflow templates are responsive. They are customizable and easy to use. The templates are designed with web practices in mind, like SEO, clean code, and speed. 

So, why should you consider using the free Webflow templates:

Free Webflow templates are Responsive

The number of people using mobile devices to access websites keeps growing. In fact, the web traffic in August 2022 was at 59.4%.

Webflow templates are responsive. Your clients can access your website on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. 

The templates have a responsive navigation feature that ensures site navigation collapses automatically for easy accessibility on mobile devices and other smaller screens. 

You Do Not Need to Use Plugins

With free Webflow templates, you do not need additional plugins. You can edit your design on Webflow designer or add content from the content editor. 

The Webflow website builder has the features to customize a template. Instead of using plugins, Webflow has interactions and animations to enhance the website design. 

You Can Design Any Website With Webflow Templates

Anyone can use Webflow. Whether you are a beginner or a professional developer, Webflow lets you create your design and collaborate with other designers.

You can use a multi-purpose Webflow template or select a specific template for your blog, business, retail store, or portfolio. 

The Webflow CMS is for everyone, including content marketers, editors, and developers. If you have a store, you can select an eCommerce template, customize it and start selling online.

SEO-Optimized Websites

Webflow has built-in SEO tools for website optimization. You can update the meta descriptions, title tags, edit schema markup, create 301 redirects, etc. You do not need SEO plugins to optimize a website. 

Designing a Website on Webflow is Fast

Designing a website from scratch can be time-consuming. Free Webflow templates save you time, and you can publish your website within a few clicks. 

You can customize the template's content, styles, color swatches, and images. Some templates have page variations, so you can pick a layout that works for you. 

It is Free to Create a Website

 It is free to set up an account on Webflow. The platform has free website templates that are responsive and customizable. Creating a website is free, but you must select a pricing plan to publish your site. 

Webflow is Code-Free

Since Webflow is a no-code platform, it visualizes the code. Instead of writing lines of code, the Webflow designer has a drag & drop feature to customize the design. 

Although it can be challenging for beginners, Webflow university has the resources to help you get started. 

Webflow Allows You to Add Animations and Interactions to Web Pages

With the free Webflow templates, you can quickly set up a stunning website without writing a single line of code. Instead of creating flat designs, you can engage your audience with beautiful animations and page interactions. 

13 Premium Webflow Templates

As mentioned earlier, Webflow also has premium templates. So, if you're looking for more features for your Webflow website, you can use the premium templates.

So, which are the best premium templates to use? 

Ragnar - Portfolio Website Template

Ragnar portfolio template
Source: Ragnar

The premium portfolio template is available for $79. You can use it to showcase your agency portfolio to your clients. The template has free updates, a categories template, a blog template, and an eCommerce pricing feature.

Ragnar portfolio template is 100% customizable and has a modern design for a professional website. The template has a range of design styles and pre-design content blocks. 

Nimbo - Creative Website Template

Nimbo - Creative Website Template
Source: Nimbo

The template is tailored for freelancers, designers, and design agencies. You can edit categories and add content from the Webflow CMS.

The Nimbo template is $79. It has a usage rights page if you want to use the template images. Some of the features of the template are - browser compatibility, an ultimate startup pack, a contact form, and a work page.

Saspience - SaaS Website Template

Saspience Webflow template
Source: Saspience

To create a SaaS website, you can buy the Saspience template for $149. It comes with a Figma file and has human support. The template is dark and minimalistic, CMS and eCommerce ready, and has 23 pages.

Medic 128 - Health Website Template

Medic 128 - Health Website Template

For a health website, it should be easy for patients to book consultations, use your website, and access information from any device.

Medic 128 template is for hospitals, fitness, medicine, healthcare, dental, veterinary, dentist, wellness, and health. The template costs $49. Since the template is responsive, it's accessible on different devices. 

Boative - Small Business Website Template

Boative - Small Business Website Template
Source: Boative

The premium Webflow template costs $49. If you need a website for your yacht and boat rental business, you can use the template to create a website.

The template has 25 pages. It also covers essential pages like the home page, service page, bookings, about page, team, testimonial, and FAQ page. 

The Boative template is optimized for speed, responsive, 100% customizable, and has a unique, stylish design. You can manage content on the Webflow CMS. The template has a 404 page, a password reset page, and search utility pages. 

Members - Small Business Website Template

Members - Small Business Website Template
Source: Members

The members template has accounts and membership functionality integrated into it. The Webflow template is $99.

You can publish private content. Users pay to access the content since the template has premium course pages. You can also customize the template since it is 100% customizable. 

The template has multiple features, including expert support, a style guide, modern and clean layouts, and it is optimized for SEO. 

Plumber - Construction Website Template

Plumber - Construction Website Template
Source: Plumber

To provide the best plumbing experience for your customers, you can use the plumber template to design your website. The premium template is $79.

It is a modern, beautiful, and responsive service template. The plumber template combines components and blocks to help you create a design that stands out. 

Sophia - Agency Website Template

Sophia - Agency Website Template
Source: Sophia

Does your agency need a modern website that lists your services and allows clients to subscribe to your email list?

Sophia is a Webflow CMS template with the features you need to create an agency website. It has customizable sections to reflect your brand style. The template pricing is $49. 

Stepi 128 - Tourism Website Template

Stepi 128 - Tourism Website Template
Source: Stepi 128

If you want a website for your travel agency or tour blog, Stepi 128 is the Webflow template to use. It has a variety of pages like about us, service, destination, discount, contact us, etc.

The template is fully responsive. The page elements are optimized for mobile, tablet, and mobile screens. The home page has 3 layouts, while the tour page has 2. 

Stepi 123 tourism template costs $79. It allows page interactions and animations, and it is optimized for SEO. You do not need to edit the code to customize the template. 

Artgram - Artist Website Template

Artgram - Artist Website Template
Source: Artgram

Artgram is designed to help you display your art online. The template features eCommerce product pages for creatives who want to sell their art.

The template is $79. It is best for art and print shops, artists, creative studios, etc. 

You can customize the layout from the visual site editor. Artgram has global color swatches to edit your entire site style within a few clicks. 

Opaque - Photography Website Template

Opaque - Photography Website Template
Source: Opaque

You can attract new clients by showcasing your photography portfolio on a website. You can create a responsive website with custom interactions with the opaque template.

Webflow has multiple free website templates for photography, but if you want to use a premium one, you can buy the Opaque template for $49. The template is compatible with Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and IE11+ browsers. 

Hapi 128 - Charity Website Template

Hapi 128 - Charity Website Template
Source: Hapi 128

If you need a website for a non-profit organization, you can use the Hapi 128 Webflow template to create your design. It's tailored for donations, foundations, volunteer, charity, and campaigns.

The template is $79, and you can use it for other Webflow web designs and not only for non-profits. The about us and contact pages have 3 layouts to help you create a unique design that stands out. 

Growfy - Consulting Website Template

Growfy - Consulting Website Template
Source: Growfy

Do you need a consultation website for your agency? You can use the Growfy premium template to create your website. You can buy it for $79.

It is best for digital marketing agencies, startups, businesses, and digital studios. The template's dark style makes it easy to adapt to your brand. 

It has over 15 pages, uses Google web fonts, and has friendly support. To edit the website categories or add content, you can use the Webflow CMS. 

Final Verdict

So, how much do Webflow 2022 templates make? You can design Webflow templates and earn from the sale of the templates. You can apply to be a Webflow template designer.

Webflow has paid and free templates. You can pick a template based on your business goals, the features of the template, and your type of business. However, opting for premium templates ensures a continuous stream of updates, keeping your website design cutting-edge and optimized for evolving trends.

Do you need help creating a website? You can hire a Webflow design expert to create a modern website for your business.


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