Webflow University Hub [Is It Worth It?]

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Webflow University Hub [Is It Worth It?]

Is Webflow university free? If you're a beginner interested in learning about web design and SEO, Webflow has got your back. The tuition fee shouldn't stress you at all. 

There are so many courses and lessons to explore. You can also test your knowledge, take exams and get a Webflow university certificate. So, are you interested in learning from the university Webflow?

Let's get down to it.

Where Can I Learn Webflow?

Webflow University
Source: Webflow

Webflow helps you actualize your website design. The benefit of using Webflow is that you do not need coding skills. However, it has a learning curve.

Webflow is a no-code website builder. If you're wondering where you can learn Webflow, you can do it for free at the Webflow university. There are various courses and lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. 

Webflow university has tons of articles and videos to learn from. In addition to the lessons and courses, you can also be Webflow certified.

Webflow University Review

Are you interested in learning about Webflow but stressed about the fee? That shouldn't be your worry anymore. You do not need to make any payment, as Webflow university is free. 

You will learn about web design, SEO, CSS basics, CMS essentials, and HTML. You can select the courses and lessons to learn from Webflow university. 

The Webflow courses are categorized into beginner and Advanced. You can choose a lesson based on your level of expertise and knowledge. 

If you're new to Webflow, you can start with the beginner courses. The learning resources have intermediate lessons for anyone with basic knowledge. 

Some Webflow courses for beginners are - Webflow eCommerce, SEO fundamentals, moving your business online, and accessibility on the web. 

If you're already familiar with Webflow, you can get started with the advanced courses. Web elements, full site build, CSS styling, CSS grid in Webflow, and CSS layout & positioning are some of the tutorials in the Advanced Webflow course. 

Webflow University Certificate

Webflow Certiicate
Source: Webflow

Webflow university offers a certification program to interested individuals. The university certificate does not apply to a team or group. 

The 2 areas of expertise in the Webflow university certificate are - CMS and layout. The Layout certification tests your basic knowledge of CSS and HTML for element positioning and web layouts.  

Layout certification exams are split into level 01 and level 02. CMS certification, on the other hand, tests your Webflow CMS knowledge. It also includes CMS building, best practices, and filtering CMS lists. 

The CMS certification exam has level 01 only. You only get certified after passing the exams. So, how do you enroll for the Webflow University certification?

First, you must provide the email address and name associated with your Webflow account. To get certified, you have to answer a minimum of 22 out of 25 questions correctly. That is for each exam.  

If you do not meet the target score, Webflow university gives you upto 3 trials for each exam. If you fail to pass within the first trial, you have 2 additional attempts. 

The Webflow certifications are valid for 12 months starting from the day it was issued to you. To maintain the Webflow certification status, you must retake the updated exam versions after this period. 

Webflow expert certification does not guarantee you entry into the Webflow Expert program. However, you can add it to your portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn profile. 

Webflow Courses

Webflow course library
Source: Webflow

Is the best Webflow course available for free? As previously mentioned, Webflow University offers free courses, and these featured courses can be a great starting point for your learning journey.

You can even keep up with the new courses from the list. For example, you can study the new Webflow course - Figma to Webflow.  

Other featured courses are - 21 day design portfolio course, Webflow crash course, and freelance web design boot camp. 

For each Webflow course, you're provided with a summary and a course outline. The lessons are in video format. 

Webflow Lessons

Webflow University Lessons
Source: Webflow

Webflow education courses make it easy for anyone who wants to learn by splitting the learning resources into courses and lessons. The lessons library has videos and articles to help you learn web development, SEO, Webflow, layout & design, and more. 

You can pick a lesson from the featured lessons and micro lessons. The micro lessons by Webflow are in the form of quick topics. 

Examples of micro lessons are animations, interactions, quantum field, and responsive web design. 

How Long Is Webflow University?

Anyone interested in learning Webflow can join the Webflow university. But that does not mean you physically attend the university to learn. 

Webflow university is online. You only need to create an account using your email address. There's no specific timeline for the lessons and courses. 

Webflow creates and updates the lessons library. The certification program is also online. 

Webflow Templates

To design a website on Webflow, you do not have to edit lines of code. Webflow templates are free and premium. They are responsive and easy to customize for your business.

The Webflow templates are of 3 types - eCommerce, CMS, and Basic. The responsive templates are split into categories, language, style, popular tags, and features. 

The templates make it easy to create and launch websites. Webflow templates help you design websites with clean code, fast-loading, and responsive.

For template designers, Webflow allows you to sell your templates. So, why should you be a Webflow template designer?

In addition to other benefits, you will have increased brand exposure and earn competitive payouts from templates sale. There's also a commission structure for template designers. You will earn 80% from the sale of all templates, and you will have to add at least 1 template per month to remain in this payout. The second commission structure has a 60% payout.

That is, the Webflow template developer earns 60% from the sale of total templates, and it does not require a minimum monthly template submission. 

If you're new to Webflow and interested in using Webflow templates, you should start by taking the Webflow 101 crash course. 

It gives you the basics of website building blocks, positioning & layout basics, and webflow UI. The course also guides you in understanding how a Webflow template works. 

Is Webflow Worth the Money?

If you're looking for Webflow resources to get started, Webflow university is free to learn. But, if you want to create your visual designs on Webflow, the CMS has 2 plans. That is the site plan and workspace plan.

The site plan allows you to publish and host your website on Webflow. The workspace plan is for teams and groups. You can manage and collaborate with teammates on the Webflow workspace plan.

In addition to the free plan, Webflow has premium plans. You can pay for a plan that works for your business. 

Webflow is worth the pricing, it gives you access to advanced features. With responsive Webflow templates, you can create and customize your business website.

To design your website on Webflow, you do not need coding skills. The CRM has a drag & drop feature that lets you develop your website fast and without writing a single line of code. 

Pros And Cons of Using Webflow University

Using Webflow website builder as a beginner requires a learning curve. Website university allows you to learn for free and get certified. 

Here's why you should consider learning at the Webflow university:  

  1. It is free - Webflow has hundreds of resources that are free to access. You only need to create an account, and you will have access to the course and lesson.
  2. Up-to-date resources - Webflow offers up-to-date courses. This content is available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. 
  3. You can get certified - individuals can get certified for free. The certifications cover 2 areas of expertise - CMS and layout. You can add certificates to your resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, and resume. 
  4. Video and article resources - Webflow provides users with video and article resources for learning. 
  5. Join forums like Webflow university Reddit - you can join a community to learn, ask questions, and Webflow university reviews. 
  6. Webflow also has a support team in case anyone needs further assistance. 
  7. Anyone can join Webflow university - whether you're a beginner or experienced in your expertise, you can always find something to learn from the university.


  1. There are multiple courses to choose from - Webflow university has hundreds of courses and lessons. Selecting a lesson from the library can be overwhelming. 
  2. Webflow recommends exploring tutorials and forums before you reach out to the support team. 

Webflow University 21-Day Portfolio Course  

Webflow Portfolio Course
Source: Webflow

The 21-day portfolio course is designed for the students. The goal is to help students visually design and build a complete portfolio website in 21 days. 

The Webflow university course is for beginners and advanced students. It covers the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility. 

Instructors can also use the free workspace to teach Webflow. So, why should students consider the 21-day portfolio course? First, it is easy to design, build, and launch unique portfolios without writing lines of code.

Once the site is ready, students can launch a free annual CMS site plan for 12 months. Finally, it is easy to update your portfolio, like when you take a new course or launch new projects. 

If you want to save time instead of designing your portfolio from scratch, you can use Webflow templates. The portfolio templates are unique, responsive, and modern. 

Select a template, then add content, links, and styles. The Webflow university templates are SEO-optimized and pass the rigorous quality assurance processes. 

Can Anyone Join the Webflow University 21-Day Portfolio Course?  

The Webflow university 21-Day portfolio course is for students only. That is students studying at accredited schools and universities. 

Students studying at Webflow-approved online partners are also eligible for the free student plan. They can access it using a unique link provided by a professor or course coordinator.

Educators who want to teach Webflow can apply for a free workspace. Once the free workspace is approved, you can invite students to learn about Webflow design, build, and launch custom websites. 

Is Webflow University Worth It?

Designing a website with Webflow is fast. However, for beginners, you need basic skills and knowledge. To get started, you can enroll in the Webflow university courses and certification.

You will learn about web development, SEO, templates, eCommerce, and more. The university Webflow course is free to learn. You only need to sign-up to access the resources. 

The lessons are in the form of videos and articles. Webflow university course covers CMS and layout. The Webflow course certificate expires after 12 months, after which you should take the updated exam. 

You can also join Webflow university Reddit and online forums to learn about Webflow university reviews. 


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