Webflow Slider: Adding and Setting Up a Slideshow

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Webflow Slider: Adding and Setting Up a Slideshow

Adding visual content to the Webflow designer is simple. A Webflow slider allows you to add anything to your project.

You can create a slider on Webflow developer or use a Webflow slider clone. Do you want to know how to add a Webflow responsive slider to your website?

Here's a comprehensive guide to the Webflow sliders. So, let's get right into it. 

An Overview To The Webflow Slider

A slider makes it easy to scroll through the website content. The sliders have navigation bars to navigate from one slider to another. That is if you have multiple sliders. 

It is easy to create slideshows with a Webflow slider. After adding the slider, you can customize it for your Webflow website. When you add a slider, it automatically takes a full width.

The Webflow slider has 4 children - a mask, a left arrow, a right arrow, and a slide navigation. By default, the Webflow mask has two slides, but you can add more. 

How Do I Make A Slider In Webflow?

Slider components
Source: Webflow University

Webflow is a code-free website builder. It is straightforward to add a slider to your project. Here's how to go about it.

Go to the elements panel on your project, and select the slider component. Drag the slider component and drop it on your project. 

The 4 slide components let you interact with your slide. As mentioned earlier, it takes a full width on a canvas. 

How To Add Slides To A Webflow Slider

Webflow does not limit you to using two default slides. You can have additional slides on your project. 

There are different ways of adding Webflow slides. The first method is to click on the add slide on the element settings panel. Another way is to right-click on a slide and select duplicate. 

Besides, you can copy-paste a slide on the canvas or in the slide navigator to duplicate it. And that's it on how to add slides to a Webflow slider. 

To navigate from one slide to another, you can click on the left or right arrow or the slide navigation at the bottom of the canvas. 

Another option to access the slides is from the slider settings. Click on either arrows or the dropdown arrow to select a specific slide. 

In addition, Webflow lets you customize the slider element into a carousel. The Webflow slider carousel shows multiple slides at once. 

After setting up a slider, add all your slides in the same class. Set the class width to 100% for mobile devices and 33.33% for desktop devices. 

You can also add a collection list for each slide. The Webflow slider collection allows you to show one collection item for the list. 

How To Style A Webflow Slider

After adding a Webflow slider, the next step is to customize it with content. There are different ways of adding images.

You can add an image element to a slide or use background images. Make sure that you position the image before adding content on it.  

You can edit the size and position of the image. The image size options have cover and contain. 

You can use the contain option to display the entire image within the page or cover to crop out the sides that are not within the aspect ratio.

So, how do you add text to a slider in Webflow? Webflow slides can also have other components. If you want a Webflow slider with text, drag and drop the container element to your slide.

Webflow slider with text
Source: Webflow University

From the typography section, select and drop elements into the container. For example, your content can have a heading, paragraphs, text blocks, rich text, and more.

Therefore, if your content has a heading, select the heading element and drop it into the container element. You can also right-click on it to duplicate the elements and replace the placeholder text with your content. 

You can edit the element settings to customize the color, typography, layout, and background color. You can also copy and paste the container to a different slide. 

Use the preview button to check how each slide displays on the various devices. 

Webflow Slider Settings

Webflow allows customization to the slightest details. From the Slider settings, you can change the navigation icons, resize your slider, add animations, set the slideshow timer, and change the color of the slide navigation icons.

You can also create a Webflow slider with thumbnails. You can use a Webflow slider clone or create it from scratch. You do not need custom code to add a thumbnail to your slider.

For the Webflow experts, you can add a Javascript code to display the slider thumbnails.

Webflow Slider Autoplay Feature

Webflow slider autoplay
Source: Webflow University

Do you want to enable the auto-play slide settings? That is simple to do from the Webflow settings. After selecting the type of animation, the ease method, and the duration, enable the auto-play slides checkbox.

Make sure you add the duration to transition from one slide to the next. Auto-play is a Webflow slide setting that allows you to set how long it should take to transition from one slide to another. 

Webflow Slider Examples

With Webflow, you can create a design from scratch or use pre-designed templates specifically for your niche. Webflow showcase has creative designs shared by the Webflow community.

A responsive Webflow slider is accessible on mobile and desktop devices. To edit a design, toggle the cloneable button on the Webflow slider showcase.

To edit a Webflow slider, click on the open in Webflow button to customize it from the Webflow editor. If you're looking for design inspiration, Webflow showcase has multiple designs to help you get started.

Now, how do you select the best Webflow slider clone? Let's have a look at a few Webflow slider examples.

Architecture Slider

Architecture Slider
Source: Made in Webflow

The custom Webflow slider is cloneable. It has 3 slides, with navigation arrows to scroll through from the first to the last slide. The slider has text, a button, and images.

If you have different architectural designs that you want to display, you can edit the slider on the Webflow editor. 

CMS Card Slider + Custom Nav and Filter

CMS Card Slider + Custom Nav and Filter
Source: Made in Webflow

To increase your site's user experience, you can add a CMS card slider with a filter to navigate from one post to another. The slider has custom navigation arrows designed on the Webflow editor.

For example, if you have a blog that covers a range of topics, you can use the CMS card slider and add a filter category to make it easy for site users to access the content.  

Multiple Slides

Multiple Slides
Source: Made in Webflow

Instead of adding one slide at a time to your site, you can use the multiple slides slider. The Webflow slider clone has left and right navigation arrows.

3d Carousel

Source: Made in Webflow

With Webflow, you can add animations to your designs. The Webflow slider carousel is cloneable, and it features 9 elements. The 3d carousel slider is designed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.

[Cloneable] Custom Slick Slider

[Cloneable] Custom Slick Slider
Source: Made in Webflow

How do you use slick slider in Webflow? Instead of creating the slider from scratch, you can clone the Webflow custom slick slider.

It displays and hides content. It displays content when you're viewing and hides it when you're not viewing. 

CMS Carousel Advanced

CMS Carousel Advanced
Source: Made in Webflow

How do I add a carousel slider in Webflow? You can customize the Webflow responsive slider or use it as is. It has a CMS option to help you to add items.

For an expert designer looking for inspiration, you can check the design idea from the Webflow slider carousel. It uses Webflow animations, has text, a clickable button, and left and right arrows.

And That's It

With the help of our guide, you can set up and add a Webflow slider to your project. You can create a Webflow responsive slider on the Webflow designer or select a Webflow slider clone to edit on the Webflow editor. 

Your slider should have a mask, left arrow, slide navigation, and right arrow. Since Webflow is code-free, you do not have to write custom code to customize the sliders.


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