How to Easily Change the Webflow Logo

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Are you using a team plan or a pro plan on Webflow? If you're using either of the two options, it is easy to change the Webflow logo.

In this guide, we'll take you through the process of changing your Webflow logo and the tools you can use to create a logo for your brand. 

It is fast and easy. You do not need to hire a developer or graphic designer to help you with the design. So, are you interested in learning how? 

Let's get to it.

Can I Use Webflow Logo?

By default, the Webflow editor comes with the Webflow logo. You cannot change to a custom logo until you upgrade your plan. A logo is very crucial in the branding of a business. 

Instead of using the Webflow logo, you can upgrade your plan and customize your logo. You can use your business name, letters, or a combination. 

How To Change a Webflow Logo

Having a custom logo plays a huge role in building a brand. It helps to build your audience's trust. It also legitimizes your business. So, instead of using the Webflow logo, it's best to use a custom logo.

If you have a premium Webflow plan and your custom logo ready, you can proceed to change it on the Webflow editor. Here's how you go about the change. 

To get started, log into your Webflow account. Go to project settings and select editor. Click on branding and then upload your Webflow logo. 

However, white labeling is not available for eCommerce sites. Changing the Webflow logo is that easy. You can also edit the logo and replace it any time you want. 

How Do I Create a Logo in Webflow?

What is Webflow built on? Creating a logo for your Webflow website is very easy.

You can clone a logo for your website from the Webflow community. From the Webflow showcase, you can clone your business logo from the multiple options.

It saves you design time, and you can have an animated logo for your client or individual website. If you're not open to cloning logo designs, you can use a Webflow logo maker. 

Which are the best logo makers to use?

1. Webflow Logo Maker

Webflow logo maker
Source: Webflow logo maker

The Webflow logo maker is free to use. It saves you money instead of hiring a graphic designer to do the design for you. The tool is simple to use. You have your logo within minutes.

To use the Webflow logo maker, you have to create an account. Add a slogan (if you have one), your business name, and genre. 

You have a list of options, but most of them are optional. Select as many as you want. Preview all the designs and save your favorite designs. 

Next, customize your preferred logo with the website colors, Webflow logo font, icon, etc. The Webflow logo design process is fast and easy. Preview and download Webflow logo after you're done.

2. Canva

Source: Canva

Canva is one of the best online logo makers. It is free to make a logo. To use Canva, you do not need design skills.

You can use a template to create your design. Customization is fast with the drag-and-drop feature. Canva has so many icons, stickers, and vectors to use. You can also upload your images.

You can save the logo in multiple formats like PNG, JPEG, or PDF. With Canva, it is easy to collaborate with a team. 

3. Looka

Source: Looka

To use the Looka logo maker, you do not need to sign up. It is user-friendly for anyone without design skills. Unlike using Canva, which has templates, Looka does not have templates.

You need to add your company name and industry. Then, select the colors, logo styles, and inspiration symbols. Looka, the AI-powered platform, generates custom logos for you. 

You can browse through the various logos and customize the design. 

4. Logomakr

Source: Logomakr

The logo maker is free to use. You can customize a template or choose a graphic. Add the text you want to appear on your logo and update it to your preferred font.

Customizing your logo with Logomakr is easy. Add style, color, shapes, and positioning before you save your design. 

The reason why you need a Webflow logo is to represent your brand. It's among the first things anyone sees when they visit your website.  

5. Adobe Illustrator

Source: Adobe

Adobe is technical and requires you to have design skills. Unlike most online logo makers, Adobe lets you create your logo from scratch.

You can also download templates and edit them on Adobe Illustrator. Add and customize typography and colors, then download your logo. 

However, Adobe is not free. The logo maker gives you a trial period, after which you upgrade to a premium plan. 

6. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands
Source: Tailor Brands

The logo maker uses AI to create custom logo designs. It is free to use. Make sure you submit your business name and describe what your business does.

Choose the type of logo that works for your business, then select the font styles that work for you. The logo maker generates the logo designs in less than a minute. 

Customize your logo by changing the icons, colors, and fonts. Select the Webflow logo download resolution for PNG, SVG, and vector EPS. 

7. Namecheap Logo Mak

Namecheap logo maker
Source: Namecheap logo maker

With Namecheap, you can have your logo design within 5 minutes. The online logo maker gives you unlimited free logos and is fully customizable.

Namecheap logo maker has a unique design wizard to help you select styles, fonts, and colors. It generates logos for all industries.

8. DesignHill

Source: DesignHill

Designing a Webflow logo shouldn't stress you out. It is fast, especially when you're using beginner-friendly software. DesignHill logo maker has design templates to simplify the process for you.

It is free to design a logo. However, to download the logo, you have to pay. Add your company name, colors, logo styles, and icons you want to use for the logo design. 

DesignHill logo maker generates hundreds of logos. You have to complete payments to download the vector file and PNG format. 

Why Should You Change Your Webflow Logo

For most top brands, it is easy to identify a company by looking at the logo. Some of these brands are Nike, WordPress, and Apple. 

If you're using a free plan on Webflow, you can white label the Webflow logo. So why is it crucial to have a logo?

1. To Stand Out From the Competition

With a unique logo, it's pretty easy to stand out from competitors. For example, your online store offers cleaning services. You notice that your competition's website has a custom logo. 

How will you attract your intended audience to your business? A unique logo helps communicate your business and sets you apart from other brands. 

2. A Logo Gives You an Identity

What is Webflow design? A logo gives your brand identity. Can you identify Apple or Nike by looking at the logo? That is what a logo should do to your brand. 

Most logos have a business name, letter, symbol, or icon. That way, you associate your business with your logo. Let's look at an example. 

If you offer web design services, will you use a computer as your logo? It can be a good idea, but does it give you an identity?

Using a logo maker helps to create unique designs you can customize and use for your business. 

3. A Logo Helps to Build Trust

For a new business, it can be hard to attract customers. With a professional logo, it's easy for new clients to engage with your brand. 

Not only do you need a logo for your website, but for your social media profiles, business cards, and business emails. An updated logo helps to build trust for your target audience. 

4. A Logo Legitimizes Your Business

A custom logo legitimizes your business or website. It indicates that you put your thoughts into the business. That way, it builds trust and increases clicks.

A logo gives a glimpse of your brand and makes your message, website, or business look legit. 

5. It Improves Brand Loyalty

When your audience interacts with your brand once, and they come across a product with your logo, they are more likely to consider your brand again. 

They are likely to leave out the competition and settle for your brand. That's all because a logo sold you out. That is how you build loyalty for your brand. 

6. A Logo is Memorable

Part of your audience is likely to forget your business name. You can counter this with a logo that is easy to remember. Even when they cannot remember your business name, they can associate the logo with your brand. 

How To Design a Logo

Source: Canva

Designing a logo with a logo maker is easy. You do not need to have design skills or hire designers. The online logo makers create your designs within minutes.

Here's a simple guide to follow when you're designing your Webflow logo:

1. Define Your Brand Identity

As you think about creating a logo, remember you're also building a brand. Think about your business values, what makes you better than your competition, and why you started your business in the first place. 

Building a brand takes a lot. A logo is only part of it. Before you settle on a logo, the design should reflect your brand and what makes it unique. 

2. Understand Why a Logo is Essential for a Brand

The next step in designing a logo is to ask yourself why you need a Webflow logo. When your audience clicks on your website, what impression do you want them to have about your brand?

A logo is a marketing design that sets you apart from your competition. A professional logo design communicates your brand online and offline. 

3. Look for Design Inspirations

Designing a logo from scratch is not easy. To counter this, you can look for design inspiration from your competition and other brands' logos. 

With a logo maker, you have minimal control of the designs:

  • A logo maker will have you submit your business name, colors, fonts, tagline, icons, and symbols.
  • Webflow users can look for logo inspiration from the Webflow showcase.
  • The community has logo designs that you can clone. If you're using a logo maker, you can customize your Webflow logo to capture some of the features from the design inspirations.

4. Use Your Brand Colors and Visuals

Use your brand colors on the logo. However, colors convey different messages. You do not have to stick to one color for your design. For example, you can have your Webflow logo transparent.

Combining different colors helps you create a unique and simple design. You can use a color wheel to help you with the color combination.

5. Select the Right Type of Logo

Are you designing your logo from scratch or using a template? There are different types of logo designs you can use for your brand. 

Examples are monogram logos, wordmarks, pictorial marks, mascots, emblems, abstract, and combination marks. 

6. Have Multiple Designs

Make sure that you have different designs before you settle on one. Online logo makers give you hundreds of designs to select from. 

Some of the logo makers, like Canva, have templates. Create different designs before you settle on one. You can play around with typography, images, fonts, and icons. 

7. Ask for Feedback

With Canva, you can collaborate with a team. Instead of making the decision alone, you can ask for feedback from other creatives or teammates. 

Feedback helps you discover any issues with your design. Also, people get to share their opinion of the design from the audience's perspective. 

Final Verdict

If you do not have a logo, you can download Webflow logo. Webflow allows users to use the Webflow logo. However, you have to follow the Webflow trademark policy

Your Webflow logo font and design should reflect your brand's values. A logo gives you a brand identity. 

If you do not have a logo for your website, you can use a logo maker to create one. It is cheap, and you have hundreds of designs to make a selection.


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