Webflow Ecommerce Templates [Designer Advise]

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Webflow eCommerce templates are premium, but if you're on a tight budget, you can use the free templates. The templates are responsive, and you can customize them for any eCommerce website.

One of the most unsettling questions for new developers is - How do I build an eCommerce website in Webflow? You do not need coding skills to set up an eCommerce site.

Our comprehensive guide takes you through different Webflow eCommerce templates you can use to build your online presence. 

And how does that work? Let's find out more.

How To Use Webflow eCommerce Templates

Source: Webflow

Whether you need an eCommerce template for your agency, restaurant, construction, interior design, beauty, or finance, Webflow has it all.

You do not need design skills to customize these templates. To get started, you have to select a free or premium template. The Webflow eCommerce template is added to your dashboard as a new project. 

The benefit of using Webflow templates is that they do not overwrite the design and layout of existing projects. 

The template is added as is, including the template pages. You can customize the template to your eCommerce website design

Webflow eCommerce Cloneable Websites

Made in Webflow
Source: Made in Webflow

In addition to using Webflow templates, you can use cloneable eCommerce websites. These websites are available on Webflow showcase.

The Webflow showcase is a community of Webflow developers who share their designs with other users. You can select a website, copy, edit, and clone it on Webflow. 

Creating Webflow eCommerce websites that stand out is not as easy. However, Webflow makes it easy for you. You only need to select an eCommerce website from the Webflow community and clone the design. 

From the Webflow eCommerce examples, you can have your website running without writing a single line of code

Webflow Templates for eCommerce Websites

Designing a custom website is expensive and time-consuming. Lucky for you, the Webflow templates simplify the process. You only need to select a template from the free or premium templates, then customize the designs.  

Besides, you can have design inspiration from the Webflow eCommerce examples shared by the Webflow community. You can clone and customize a website for your eCommerce store. 

Do you need help selecting the best Webflow eCommerce template? Here's a list of Webflow templates to get you started.

1. Agencio

Source: Agencio

You cannot use a Webflow template on an existing design. You need to create a new project with the eCommerce template.

Instead of designing your eCommerce website from scratch, customize a template and have your website within minutes. Agencio Webflow template is for agencies of all sizes. It is easy to use and responsive. 

The agency template is optimized for speed and has pre-built features of an eCommerce website. Since the template is mobile responsive, texts and images display perfectly on all screen sizes. 

Agencio template lets you customize the pages from the homepage to the checkout page. You're free to use the images from the template. It uses fonts from Google web. 

2. Medizai

Source: Medizai

Medizai is a website template for medical websites. You can create multiple pages from the website, including the 404 page, protected password page, pricing page, and doctor's detail page.

The template has an eCommerce and Webflow CMS feature to enable you to edit the pages on the Webflow editor. It is responsive and accessible on any screen type. 

With the Medizai template, your website will be responsive for all screen types. Customizing the eCommerce template is easy as it has a modern interface.

Customization for your medical website is seamless. You can use animations and hover effects. The template uses global fonts, global color swatches, and global site classes. 

Therefore, you can resize and reposition anything within the CSS grid without coding. 

3. Photico

Source: Photico

For a photographer, having a website makes it easy to display your portfolio and for clients to request your services. Photico is a Webflow eCommerce template designed by Minimal Square:

  • The template comes with free customer support, responsive design, built-in color palettes and styles, and a modular design. 
  • The template's graphics are optimized for devices with high-DPI screens. For additional Webflow eCommerce features.
  • The template lets you use animations and subtle interactions. 
  • The template is customizable on the Webflow CMS and mobile-friendly. In case of any issues, the template designers provide 24-hour support.

4. Hans

Source: Hans

Hans is an eCommerce template for an architecture website. The premium template has 5 variations for the CMS, homepage, static pages, and features.

You can try different Webflow eCommerce variants to find out what works for your website. Other features from the template are - a style guide, product templates, password, 404 page, and order confirmation.

So, why should you consider using Hans template? It is easy to use. The Webflow eCommerce template has a friendly design, classy design, and infinite layout possibilities. 

The template is simple to customize. It has animations and interactions that help in creating a unique website. In case of further assistance, the template designer provides support. 

5. Typewriter

Source: Typewriter

As technology keeps evolving, you need a modern design for your website. Typewriter is a Webflow eCommerce template for a technology website.

It has a modern design to help you achieve your blog objectives. You can create an email list, collect reviews, and make money from your content.  

The template is easy to customize, mobile-responsive and helps you build an online community effortlessly. Typewriter lets you collect feedback from your audience through comments. 

Webflow eCommerce features should be easy to use. The template tags and categories help your target audience navigate your blog content. It has 4 pages for the homepage, about us, and blog articles. 

6. Groundwork

Source: Groundwork

Having a portfolio website helps to win your potential clients faster. Groundwork is a Webflow eCommerce template for consulting services, digital design agencies, creative studios, etc.

It has Webflow eCommerce features like order confirmation, PayPal checkout page, and product template. The license page gives you access to free template graphics, which you can use for personal or commercial purposes. 

The template makes it easy to display 3D graphics on all devices. If you need to create a list for your subscribers and leads, Groundwork template forms have got you sorted. 

Once you edit a symbol on the template, all the copies instantly update. The animations and interactions let you customize your portfolio to stand out from your competition.

7. Finantic X

Finantic X
Source: Finantic X

For a startup, it can be expensive to hire professional web developers. However, you can counter this by creating a professional Webflow eCommerce website using a template.

Finantic X is a template on Webflow for finance and Fintech startups. It has 18 pages which you can customize and build your online presence. 

Once you purchase the template, you can request access to the Figma source file. The template is optimized for speed, responsive, and fully customizable. 

You can edit your website on Webflow editor since the template is built using Webflow eCommerce features and Webflow CMS. The template is updated constantly to accommodate the changes made on Webflow. 

8. Luma

Source: Luma

Are Webflow eCommerce templates free? Luma is a free template for retail websites. It features 2 designs for the homepage, contact, and about page.

It has an order confirmation page, product and blog feed, checkout, and product template. Since it is customizable, you can import your products, add styles, colors, images, and fonts. 

Is Webflow Good For eCommerce?

You're probably wondering, how do I build an eCommerce website in Webflow? Webflow is a website builder that helps you design responsive websites. 

It has thousands of templates to select from for all industries. Webflow eCommerce template free designs let you customize your website and add animations. 

The CMS is good for eCommerce since you can design your online store with Webflow eCommerce features without coding. 

Webflow eCommerce templates are either free or premium. If you're considering using Webflow for your eCommerce website, you have multiple design inspirations and templates to customize. 

 An example of a free eCommerce template is Fitnesso. The template is best for serious fitness coaches looking to sell premium packages online, collect emails, or schedule calls.

Is Webflow The Same As Shopify?

Are you lost between choosing Webflow or Shopify for your eCommerce store? It is not easy selecting one over the other. 

We'll have a comparison of Webflow eCommerce vs. Shopify. But first, let's begin with the definitions.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to start, grow, and manage your store online. Since it is cloud-based, it's easier to access it from any connected device.

On the other hand, Webflow is a responsive CMS, website builder, and hosting platform. It has HTML5 templates that are responsive and customizable. 

Is Shopify better than Webflow? We'll answer this question by comparing the features of each. Here's a comparison table of Webflow eCommerce vs. Shopify.


  • It allows hosting.
  • Has built-in SEO.
  • It’s not designed for eCommerce only.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows integration.
  • Starts at $42 per month.
  • Accepts payment through Paypal, credit card, Apple Pay, Webflow eCommerce stripe, and Google Pay.
  • Has basic shipping tools.


  • It allows hosting.
  • Has built-in SEO.
  • Built for eCommerce.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows integration.
  • Starts at $24  per month. Users have a 7-day trial period.
  • It allows multiple payment methods compared to Webflow. It also allows Shopify payments for certain countries.
  • Has advanced shipping options.

Should You Consider Using Webflow eCommerce Templates?

To attract the intended audience to your brand, you need a professional website. Using Webflow eCommerce templates helps you achieve your website goals.

First, the templates are faster to customize and have your website running within minutes. Second, they are cheaper and have Webflow eCommerce features.
A premium template is inexpensive compared to hiring a developer. However, you can hire an agency for advanced design and custom websites that stand out from your competition.


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