Webflow Showcase - Best of Webflow from Around the Web

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Webflow Showcase - Best of Webflow from Around the Web

It is not easy coming up with an attractive design for your website. However, the Webflow showcase gives you website design inspirations you can clone and customize.

Webflow showcase has multiple cloneable websites. You can select a design inspiration from popular, recent, and most liked websites. 

The Webflow showcase search helps you browse the various designs. The websites are categorized into eCommerce, animation, CMS, interaction, and portfolio. 

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert designer, you can use the Webflow showcase to create personal or commercial websites. Webflow showcase websites appear on the made in Webflow section.

How Do You Showcase On Webflow?

Webflow community connects with more than 75,000 members. If you're a new or advanced designer, you can join the community and share best practices, expand your Webflow knowledge, and build meaningful relationships. 

For a web developer, it is easy to showcase Webflow websites. You can share your design from a personal dashboard, workspace, or a team's dashboard. 

Before you share your site, you must set your profile to public. Here's how to go about it. Open site settings and click on the general tab. From the made in Webflow section, toggle the switch to on

If you want to share your design and UI components with other designers, toggle on the allow others to clone this site button. 

Is Webflow like Wix?

Webflow and Wix are both web development platforms that allow users to create their own websites. They both have many similarities, but also some key differences.

  • Webflow shares a similarity with Wix. They are both no-code website builders. However, Wix is more beginner-friendly compared to Webflow.  
  • Webflow has better customization than Wix. Web developers have access to more advanced design features than in Wix. 

Can you self host with Webflow? You can buy a custom domain and use Webflow's managed hosting.

Webflow Cloneable Templates

Source: Webflow

With Webflow, you do not have to learn to code. Webflow cloneable templates make it easy to personalize your website design.

To use Webflow templates, select a template, then click on the clone button. However, choosing Webflow clone templates from the multiple options can be time-consuming. 

The Webflow showcase search helps you browse the best template for your website design.

Why Should You Consider Using Webflow Showcase

Webflow blog showcase is a platform where creatives share their designs for inspiration. If you're looking for design ideas to clone, Webflow showcase has got you covered.

So, why should you consider Webflow showcase for your design projects?

1. Using a Webflow Showcase is Fast

With the Webflow blog showcase, you do not have to design a Webflow website from scratch. You only need to select a cloneable template, which you can copy and modify for your Webflow projects.

Webflow blog showcase has cloneable Webflow templates, which you can edit and save time instead of creating a design from scratch, which can be time-consuming.

2. It's a Safe Space to Promote Your Webflow Portfolio

As a developer, sharing your portfolio on Webflow showcase is a cheaper way to market your work. Interested teams and individuals can clone your work, and organizations hire you for Webflow projects.

For example, Flowbase has multiple cloneable templates which you can use for various design projects. 

3. Use Webflow Showcase for Design Inspiration

 It's a good source of inspiration to help you understand how Webflow works. It also gives you ideas of how web designs should be. You can select a clone project for portfolio, eCommerce, CMS, animations, and more.   

4. It Creates a Webflow Community

The Webflow showcase has various projects and websites you can clone. You do not need to use a website or template, but you can like or comment. You can create a social community on Webflow and follow the creative designers.

5. Use Up-to-Date Webflow Websites and Templates

Design inspirations keep growing. If you're not a creative designer, that shouldn't worry you. Webflow showcase has updated cloneable website designs you can copy and modify for your projects. 

Webflow Showcase Designs Inspirations

Webflow is a no-code website builder. It is fast and easy to design a website using templates. In addition, you can copy a design and personalize it for your projects from the Webflow showcase. 

You can use the Webflow showcase search to identify the best designs. Let's have a look at the best Webflow examples for inspirations.

1. Mass Ecommerce Template

Mass Ecommerce
Source: Mass

If you're looking for an eCommerce website to clone, you can use the Mass eCommerce template. It features a product gallery with slider, column sliders, CMS based sliders, and grid layout for product eCommerce collection.

The eCommerce template is free to use. However, you may need CSS and Javascript to understand the template. 

2. Athletics Cloneable Ecommerce Template

Athletics Cloneable Ecommerce Template
Source: Athletics

You can use the ATHLETICS Webflow showcase template for any project. It is best for clothing-based businesses and is optimized for mobiles and tablets.

It has animated styles as you scroll through the page and buttons. It has different sections to display popular and featured products.

3. Cool Portfolio Template

Cool Portfolio
Source: Cool Portfolio Template

For a creative designer, it's best to use a website to showcase your projects. Instead of creating your portfolio from scratch, you can use a template to display your Webflow projects, making it an excellent example of webflow portfolio examples.

With the Cool Portfolio template, you can clone and edit the template for individual or commercial purposes. You can also add a video to describe your work. It has 2 buttons on the homepage, which users can click to view your projects and get in touch. 

4. Rythm Cloneable CMS Template

Rythm Cloneable
Source: Rythm

The Webflow template has 3 CMS pages and 6 static pages. It does not have a custom code and is fully built on Webflow. RYTHM is a multi-purpose cloneable template for your Webflow projects.

You can use the design inspiration to create a website for your brand. It is suitable for commercial businesses like agencies.

5. Translate Webflow Website

Translate Webflow Website
Source: Finsweet

Creating a multilingual website is not easy. You do not need to have coding skills to design such a website. Translate Webflow Website has got your back.

The UI kit has 14 custom language switchers. You can use a style that works for your target audience, like flags, language names, and code. Webflow showcase makes it easy to design a multilingual website without duplicating pages or coding.

6. Hokaido - Free Horizontal Scrolling Template

Hokaido - Free Horizontal Scrolling Template
Source: Hokaido

To learn how to use a showcase Webflow website, open the cloneable website on Webflow and start editing. The Hokaido showcase website focuses on horizontal scroll and images.

It has a smooth transition from page to page. The cloneable website works with CMS and has a parallax effect. The pages scroll horizontally, and the images zoom in when you hover over the page to click. 

If you're a creative who loves transitions on your website, the Webflow template helps you achieve your goal.

7. Canvas Cloneable CMS Template

Canvas Cloneable CMS Template
Source: Canvas

Is Webflow good for CMS? CANVAS is a Webflow template for an agency portfolio. It has 3 homepage variations, so you can pick one that works for your business. Each has minor changes that set them apart.

The CANVAS template is mobile responsive. It has different interactions as you scroll the pages. The Webflow templates are easy to edit and do not require you to write lines of code.

Final Verdict 

A Webflow showcase is a community space where you can share and exchange Webflow designs. It saves you time instead of creating a website from scratch. 

The cloneable Webflow templates are free to use. You have multiple Webflow templates to select from, which you can copy and clone.


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