Webflow vs Wix 2022 | 8 Crucial Differences to Consider

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Webflow vs Wix 2022 | 8 Crucial Differences to Consider

Designing a website using a website builder does not require coding skills. Are you torn between selecting Webflow vs Wix? Is Webflow better or Wix?

Selecting a website builder for a newbie can be daunting. Webflow and Wix are among the top website builders. 

If you're already familiar with Webflow and looking for an alternative, then you can use Wix. You can check our guide comparing Webflow Vs Squarespace. 

But if you're considering using Wix, this guide is for you. We'll look at the differences between Wix and Webflow to help you pick a website builder. So, will you be using Webflow or Wix? 

So, let's get started.

What Is Wix

Source: Wix

Wix website builder was established in 2006. The platform has over 900 designer templates to select from and use to create your website.

The website builder has a blank canvas to create designs from scratch. It has 1000s of design features and built-in SEO tools to optimize your site for search engine visibility. With the Wix logo maker, you can make a customized logo for your brand.

Wix allows you to build any website, including landing pages. You can manage, grow and track your website traffic using Wix. The website builder integrates with other tools to achieve your website goals.

Wix has a mobile app that makes it easier to manage your business while on the move. The Wix owner app lets you automate your business, capture leads, and get insights and reports. It syncs everything and makes management easy.

What Is Webflow

Source: Webflow

Webflow is a no-code website builder that was established in 2013. To create a website on Webflow, you can use templates or design from scratch on a blank canvas.

The website builder has customizable free and premium templates. Webflow has SEO tools and a visual editor to add content to your website. 

However, Webflow is not as easy to use. It has a learning curve, but that's not a worry since Webflow university has the resources to help you get started. For a beginner, you can start with the Webflow 101 crash course to learn the basics of the platform. 

Is There Anything Better Than Webflow?

Webflow is more than a website builder. It is also a hosting platform and a CMS. However, it has a learning curve, which may prompt beginners to look for an alternative website builder.

You may be wondering, is there anything better than Webflow? To your surprise, there are multiple Webflow alternatives. You can use WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly, to name but a few. 

So, what is the difference between Webflow vs Wix vs WordPress? Webflow and Wix have templates, but you can also create your website on a blank canvas. 

On the other hand, WordPress uses plugins and themes. To create a website, you have to pay for hosting, then install WordPress.org to build your website.  

After paying for hosting, you can design a WordPress website with free or premium plugins and themes. Webflow has different pricing plans, but you can start with a free plan. With Wix, you have a 14-day trial period for the premium plans.

So, what about Webflow vs Wix vs Squarespace? If you compare Webflow vs Squarespace templates, Squarespace has stunning templates compared to Webflow. 

However, there's a limitation. Squarespace templates have limited customization than Webflow. With Webflow, you can use the drag & drop feature to place elements anywhere on your design, while with Squarespace, the customization is limited. 

Webflow vs Wix - Key Differences

From the definitions, a similarity between Webflow and Wix is that you can use a template or a blank canvas to create a design. 

So, is Webflow better or Wix? Let's look at the differences:

Ease of use

Wix is best for beginners compared to Webflow. Wix has an intuitive editor with a drag & drop feature to help you with website design. 

To build your website, you need a Wix account. So, if you've not created one, start by creating an account. The process of creating a Wix account is simple and easy to follow. 

The drag & drop editor gives you design flexibility to create your website. If you prefer using a template, select the template category and search for the best template that fits your business. 

You can also browse through the various templates to pick a design. The Wix templates are customizable. So, how about the Webflow website builder?


With Webflow, you can select a template or use the blank canvas to start your design from scratch. However, Webflow has a learning curve. 

It is not as easy to use as Wix. You can go through the resources on Webflow university to learn about the platform before creating your design. To use the website builder, you need to create an account, then answer the questions to help you build the right website for your business. 

Do professional web designers use Webflow? Yes, the platform has all the features you need to create a website. 

Webflow vs Wix Price

Which is cheaper, Webflow or Wix? Creating a website on Webflow Wix is free. But, you will need a pricing plan to publish your website. Between Webflow vs Wix price, which one is cheaper?


Wix has a free 14-day trial period for users to help them decide if a premium plan works for them. 

The pricing plans range from the most basic to a VIP plan. For eCommerce, Wix has a business and eCommerce plan. Here's a Wix pricing plan. 

Wix pricing
Source: Wix


Webflow offers users two pricing plans - Workspace and site plans. You can use the free starter template or select a premium plan. 

Webflow pricing also has an eCommerce plan for eCommerce websites. Check out the Webflow premium pricing plans below.  

Webflow pricing
Source: Webflow

One of the benefits of using the premium plans is that you can have a custom domain for your website. 

Wix vs Webflow Features

A website builder is a no-code platform. In fact, you should create a custom website without coding. 

Webflow and Wix have features that help you create a website and SEO tools to optimize the website. So, let's compare the features of Webflow vs Wix.


Wix automatically optimizes websites for mobile devices. The Wix editor has unlimited fonts, a media gallery, scroll effect, and you can customize the templates to create the site you want. 

You can also create an eCommerce website with Wix, secure your website with an SSL certificate, manage contacts, check your website performance using an Analytics tool, host your website for free, and create a custom domain. 

So, do you need help with website development? Wix has an AI technology, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), that designs a website for you. The website is complete with content and images. 

You can later optimize the website with the built-in SEO tools and customize the website fonts and colors.

With the Velo by Wix platform, web developers can create advanced web applications and use a serverless computing system to create a more dynamic website. 


The Webflow editor helps with content management. Webflow is code-free, and it has clean semantic code. Webflow uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

It has built-in SEO tools to optimize your website. Webflow also has website management features to help you create custom 404 pages, organize projects into folders, and export clean CSS and HTML code. 

Webflow creates automatic backups for your website. That saves you the hassle of creating multiple backups. With Webflow, you have a CMS and a website builder. The platform also hosts your websites.

 As a CMS, you can collaborate with clients, add content to your Webflow CMS using Zapier, review form submissions, export CMS collections as CSVs, and more. 

Webflow provides hosting, has reusable components, and lets you create eCommerce websites. The website builder has multiple integrations to help you build stunning websites.

Wix and Webflow have the design features you need to create a website. You can use the Webflow designer or editor to customize the templates. 

The designer is best if you're changing the structure, style or launching your website. The editor lets you add, edit, and publish content. 

Webflow vs Wix Support

Webflow and Wix provide users with support in case of any issues. Webflow provides email support to their customers Monday through Friday. 

Users can also look for support on the Webflow forum. Developers can connect with the Webflow community, ask questions, or provide solutions to other users. 

Wix, on the other hand, has 24/7 customer support. Wix help center has articles split into various categories. For instance, if you have questions about the Wix editor, click on a specific topic and select an article to read. 

Webflow vs Wix SEO and Marketing

SEO improves website visibility. It also helps to drive organic traffic and improve ranking.


Webflow has built-in SEO tools. You can access the SEO controls from the Webflow editor. Webflow SEO lets you define the meta descriptions and titles, add and edit the schema markup and sitemaps, manage redirects, and add image alt tags.

You do not need SEO plugins to optimize your Webflow website. The benefit of using Webflow is that it auto-generates the sitemaps for you. 

You can also create custom sitemaps by disabling the auto-generate button. Make sure you toggle the button to 'No.' 

Webflow has an Open Graph feature. Make sure you define the Open Graph description, title, and image to enhance content performance on social media. 


With Wix, you can improve your online presence using the built-in SEO tools. The website builder has SEO features for website optimization. You can customize your website URL structure and meta tags, create canonical tags and robots.txt files, manage 301 redirects, and more. 

It creates and maintains your website's XML sitemaps. The Wix website infrastructure aligns with search engine bots and crawlers. 

Wix automatically compresses and resizes your page images. They are also converted into WebP to increase page load. You can add a title tag, URL slug, meta description, and structured data markup from the page settings. 

Wix gives you control over the SEO settings, where you can create your SEO logic and apply it across different pages instead of editing a page individually. 

Instead of going through the manual verification process in Google Search Console, you can verify your domain and Google Search Console properties from the Wix dashboard.  

Webflow vs Wix eCommerce

You can create a professional website with Webflow or Wix and optimize it with SEO features. 


Source: Webflow

Webflow has an eCommerce pricing plan that starts at $29 per month. You can use an eCommerce template or begin your design from scratch. Check out the Webflow eCommerce pricing plans. 

Webflow pricing plans
Source: Webflow

Online customers can place orders on your website, make payments and proceed to checkout. Your online store should provide the best eCommerce experience to all your customers. 

With Webflow, you can feature your product details and customize the checkout page and cart. You can also customize the page layout and galleries page.

You do not need to have flat pages when you're working with Webflow. The templates are customizable and allow you to add animations and interactions. 

Webflow makes it easy to sell goods, offer custom delivery, manage shipping and order fulfillment, and integrate with payment options. 

Webflow eCommerce lets you design your website, sell, and grow your business. Features to help you grow your business are - integrating analytics and optimization tools, running campaigns, nurturing a leads list, and automating on-page SEO. 


Source: Wix

Whether you need a restaurant, blog, music, eCommerce, bookings, or events website, the Wix website builder has the professional features to build your website. 

Wix eCommerce has a store manager to help you track orders and manage inventories. It allows multiple payment methods and makes it easy to boost sales through discounts and coupons.

You can use a beautiful layout to showcase products and the inventory in stock from the product page. As the store owner, Wix lets you set custom tax and shipping rules for various destinations. 

Webflow vs Wix Editor X

Editor X is part of Wix.com. It is a web creation platform designed for agencies and designers. 

For a professional designer looking for a website builder with advanced features, you should consider using Editor X. It allows you to add custom code and create complex applications.

Like most CMS, editor X has a variety of integrated business solutions, from leading eCommerce infrastructure to SEO and marketing tools. 

The platform has advanced design features for the website layout and design. All websites are hosted on global cloud servers.

Editor X lets you collaborate with a team. It allows you to invite members to work on the same project, share design assets, gather feedback, and assign custom permissions and roles to your team. 

So, is Editor X free? Creating a website on the platform is free, but you have to pay for a plan when you're ready to launch. You can select Editor X premium pricing or the enterprise plan. 

Check the premium pricing plans for Editor X below:

Editor X Premium Plans
Source: Editor X

If you're new to Editor X, you can learn with Academy X or join Community X to collaborate with other experts and developers.

Webflow CMS

The Webflow CMS is for everyone. You can create your website structure, manage content, and design it visually with the Webflow content management system.  

If you're a designer, editor, content strategist, or developer, you can use Webflow. With the Webflow CMS API, you can add content from an external source and connect it with an existing CMS. 

Webflow vs Wix Professionals

Creating a website, especially for a beginner, can be time-consuming. Webflow Wix experts provide a range of services, from SEO to web design. 


With Wix, you can hire a professional agency or a freelancer. You can browse through the services to select a professional for your project.

Wix marketplace
Source: Wix marketplace

For instance, you can select web design services. From the list, you can filter the professionals based on location, budget, language, and reviews.  


Webflow has experts. The Webflow experts provide professional services in design, marketing, and development projects. 

You can browse through the experts or get matched to the best experts. To help you search through the multiple options, you can filter the experts through services offered, budget, expert type, location, and language. 

Does Webflow Work With Wix?

Do you prefer using Webflow or Wix for web design? Webflow and Wix allow integration with other tools to enhance the website design. 

You can explore the various apps and pick the best fit for your website from the Wix app market. Webflow has multiple integration apps.

Webflow integrations have a guide to help you add the apps to your site. So, if you're considering using Webflow with Wix, does Webflow work with Wix? Yes, Webflow works with Wix. 

Source: Zapier

With Zapier, you can share data between Webflow and other third-party apps.  

What Is Better Wix or Webflow?

From our Webflow vs Wix guide, which is the best website builder? Is it Webflow or Wix? For professional web developers, Webflow is a better option compared to Wix. 

Webflow has a drag & drop feature that lets you customize every element. Webflow does not limit users on customization. For a beginner, Wix is better. 

It is easy to use and has fully customizable templates. You can use the Wix ADI technology to design a website for you.

Wix and Webflow have SEO tools to optimize your site. With Webflow, you can auto-generate sitemaps or create custom sitemaps. 

Webflow and Wix have the features you need to create your websites. Web developers and professionals can use Editor X. 

The web design platform has advanced design features and allows you to collaborate with a team. The choice of whether to use Webflow or Wix depends on your preference. Both are among the best website builders, and they provide hosting services. 

For a beginner with no prior design skills, you can join online forums or learn from Webflow vs. Wix youtube. 

Final Verdict

If you are a newbie looking for a better website builder, we've comprehensively covered the difference between Webflow vs Wix. 

Since the two are among the best Website builders, it can be hard to pick one over the other. For a beginner, you can use the Wix AI technology, which creates a website for you. 

Webflow and Wix have customizable templates. Instead of customizing a template, you can create your site on a blank canvas. Website builders have SEO features that help to drive organic traffic and increase visibility on search engines. 

And that's it for the crucial differences between Webflow vs Wix. You can also hire a web design agency to create your website or for SEO services. 


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